BOOK REVIEW – Angry Little Girls

Lela Lee
YA Graphic Novel

So, I was looking for other stuff and I came across this book and I had to at least look at it. The book is dedicated to the author’s grandmother, and the little drawing of her grandmother was so cute that I had to check it out and look at it.

The book centers around five angry little girls. They are (in order of appearance):
Kim, the angry little Asian girl
Deborah, the disenchanted princess
Maria, the crazy little Latina
Xyla, the gloomy girl
Wanda, the fresh little soul sistah

The stories are cute. Teeter-Tottering and saying “You Suck” back and forth. Being unhappy with one’s own looks. Everything being gloomy. Arguments with a mother. Etc.

It’s a short book. And it’s definitely full of grump and snark.
So a rating. I think it’s cute. But I read it in like 20 minutes and I have no need to read it again. So if you want to give it as a gift to somebody who will laugh at it, go ahead. But I don’t know that this is a book that needs to be in everyone’s collection. So read it at the library or while sitting in the stacks at a used bookstore, but don’t buy it. 4/5.


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