Book Review – World War I Posters

Gary A. Borkan

I have quite a bit of interest in WWI, so when I saw this book, I grabbed it quick.
The book is pretty much a whole lot of pics of WWI posters. Propaganda (for the war effort!), recruiting, etc..
There wasn’t a lot of text in this book, just a little caption here or there, along the lines of “This poster was 24×36 and published in 1915” but not much more helpful.
I’m not really sure what I expected from this, but it may have been nice to see a little bit about where you would have seen these posters or what they did for a sense of pride and a push for the war effort. Because we’re far removed from the society of a hundred years ago when these sorts of things had that sort of effect. (I wonder what a “Join the war effort! Afghanistan!” poster would have done, for instance.)

I wish that the international section had been larger. In some instances, it was only a page or two per country.
But the book wasn’t bad. Still, it’s a limited reference book, and because of that, I have to give it a 3/5. Solid, but a lot of room for improvement.


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