Book Review – Trixter

Title: Trixter

Author: Alethea Kontis

Format: E-book

Year Published: 2015

Trixter is the first in a companion series to The Woodcutter Sisters. It follows the story of Trix, the baby brother of the Woodcutter family (although he’s technically a cousin). Like Dearest, the story starts shortly after the opening events in Hero. Trix has been contacted in dreams by his birthmother, and doesn’t dare allow his foster mother to forbid him to go to her. Instead he doctors the family stew into a sleeping potion, and runs.

He doesn’t get far before he is overtaken by the ocean that his sister Saturday calls to the land, saving the lives of several creatures along the way (for he is, after all, The Boy Who Talks to Animals). There he meets Lizinia, a girl turned to gold as a gift by Papa Catto, the head of the cats that she had lived with and worked for. Together, they continue to head for the Abbey where Trix’s birthmother is sending them.

For most of the book, Trix doesn’t make a misstep. He’s wracked with guilt over dosing his family, but he still rescues several creatures and makes the correct choices when meeting Lizinia for the first time. Even when he does choose wrong, there are no lasting consequences from it. However, while I’m pretty sure I’d want to strangle him if I knew him in real life, his cheerful outlook on life and willingness to take things as they come allowed me to overlook the lack of true conflict in the book. I do believe that the second book will contain more chances for Trix to grow as a character, as he heads off to meet his father at the end of this one.

A solid offering in the Woodcutter world; if you enjoyed the others, you’ll enjoy this one. 3.5/5.


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