Writer Wednesday – A Christopher Drown


1. Who are you? (A name would be good here…preferably the one you write under)
Hi, I’m Aaron. (“Hi, Aaron.”) You can find my writing under A. Christopher Drown.

2. What type of stuff do you write? (Besides shopping lists)
My novel, “A Mage of None Magic,” is straight-up fantasy. But my short stories are kind of all over the place.

3. What do you want to pimp right now? (May it be your newest, your work-in-progress, your favorite or even your first)
“Mage,” as mentioned above, was released last year as a second edition by Seventh Star Press. I had to set aside its follow-up for a while due to an avalanche of life-things, but am slowly starting to circle that drain again.

4. What is your favorite book? (Okay, or two or three or… I know how writers are as readers.)
The book that got me going was “The Sleeping Dragon” by my late friend, Joel Rosenberg. The book that keeps me going is “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King. The book I want to write is “The Once and Future King.”

5. What other hats do you wear besides the writer hat?
I’m a graphic designer by trade. In fact, I’ve been making in-roads into book design and have a strong interest in helping small presses and independent authors put the proverbial bow on the work. Just because your project is low-budge doesn’t mean it has to look it.

6. What link can we find you at? (One or two please; don’t go overboard here!)
My Facebook author page is at /achrisdrown
My graphic design portfolio can be found at http://www.aarondrowndesign.com


The best advice you’ve been given:

Joel Rosenberg once told me, All you need to know when you write is where you’re going to begin and where you’re going to end—but mostly likely you’re going to be wrong about the latter.

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