Book Review – Found

TITLE: Found
AUTHOR: Selina Yoon
FORMAT: Board Book

FOUND is the adorably touching story of a bear that finds a lost toy in the woods and searches diligently to find the bunny’s owner.  First, he makes and puts up FOUND flyers all over the woods.  Then he spends a day having adventure after adventure with the bunny while making sure to take good care of it until the owner can be located.

Can I just say that this is the sweetest book I have ever read?

The story is straightforward, the illustrations are bright and interesting, and I loved the stuff put in just for adults.  (Check out the other found/lost posters, for instance…)  This exactly captured the essence of a little kid trying to do the right thing.

Do I even need to tell you?  5/5.  Buy it for every little kid in your life.


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