Book Review – Miss Dorothy and her Bookmobile

TITLE: Miss Dorothy and her Bookmobile
AUTHOR: Gloria Houston
ILLUSTRATED: Susan Condie Lamb
FORMAT: Hardback

Miss Dorothy and her Bookmobile is a very sweet children’s book that follows a woman named Dorothy as she moves to the south and starts a library out of her home with a very sweet bookmobile.  As the community involvement grows, the library grows to a little house donated for that very purpose.  She still misses her wonderful hometown library until just about the very end, when she can’t think of anything but the library she’s helped build.

The best part of this is the author’s note at the very end.  Miss Dorothy was a real woman, and around the end of WWII, she founded a library in North Carolina that served several counties and has grown into an amazing library system today.

So, the story is really sweet.  I could totally picture this little woman driving around bringing books to everyone and spreading happiness – and really, can’t we all be that lucky?

The illustrations are very sweet as well, and simple but realistic.  They fit perfectly with the time and feel of the book.

And then I got to the end and saw it was a true story.  Absolutely loved it.

The story could have been tightened up just a bit, but it was darling and totally worth reading to your preschooler.  Four out of five pages for sure.


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