Book Review – Clawed

Title: Clawed

Author: L.A. Kornestky

Format: Ebook

Year Published: 2015

I like mysteries and I like animal stories, so this series was right up my alley. Clawed is the third in the Gin and Tonic mystery series, starring Ginny Mallard and Teddy Tonica, and Ginny’s dog, Georgie, and Teddy’s non-pet cat, Penny. Together, they solve mysteries (or rather, Georgie and Penny allow their humans to think that they solve mysteries, but they know who the real detectives are).

This book takes Ginny and Teddy out of their usual Seattle milieu and puts them in Portland, where Ginny finds herself involved in a police investigation over a dead body that – unluckily – discovers.

The book, like the others in the series, has less of the “here’s a clue in this scene to help you figure out who the killer is,” which is, admittedly, my favorite type of mystery, so I won’t say that this series if my absolute “favorite” but I love the interactions between Ginny and Teddy, and the animal perspectives, where the animals can’t figure out how to communicate what they know to their humans. (And I giggled a lot at Georgie trying to get Penny on the other end of the computer.)

By the time the murderer is truly introduced, it was easy for me peg who it was (but then again, I read a lot of mysteries). Finding out why, and what else was going on, however, kept me reading.

All in all, a solid 3.5/5 stars.


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