Book Review – How To Talk To Girls At Parties

TITLE: How To Talk To Girls At Parties
AUTHOR: Neil Gaiman
FORMAT: eBook Original

So, I don’t normally review short stories by themselves, but I got this one as a stand alone eBook a few months ago, and was excited about it being Neil Gaiman.

The story follows a couple guys.  One dragging his friend to a party.  And of course they’re social nitwits, but the one dude is sure he knows what he’s doing and if his friend would just loosen up.

Things aren’t necessarily as they seem.

The story itself was really short and well enough written.  But about that really short thing.  I feel like I was reading chapter 1 or a prologue to an actual Neil Gaiman story.  I don’t feel like what I read had a good ending to it at all, it just kind of vignetted its way to being over and ‘good enough’.  Except that, well, no.

The story is no longer available by itself,  but it’s in this collection.  You’ve been warned.

 So I’m sure it surprises nobody that I was disappointed by it.  I love vignettes.  I love little pops of life and things going on.  But a vignette should still feel like it’s ended.

This felt more like Neil just stopped writing.  “Oh, I need a short story, so… let me stop here.”  Like he had started an idea, didn’t know where he was going with it, and just gave it over to the marketing team.


I’m struggling with giving it a one- or a two-star rating.  The writing was good, but the story wasn’t a story, and I think that if you pick it up, you’re just wasting your time.  The only good thing about it was that it was done with in five minutes.


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