Book Review: Dawn Of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw

Dawn Of Wonder

Jonathan Renshaw

Published 2014

Read in Kindle E-book format

I’m picky about books.  Extremely picky.   Sometimes I remind myself of a heroin addict, chasing the dragon and reminiscing about that last perfect high.

Dawn Of Wonder is the first book where I catch the dragon since Anthony Ryan’s Blood Song about, what’s it been?  Three or four years I think.

This is a fantasy book, and how I describe it will influence your decision to read it.   If I say it is about a young boy going to a magic school you will assume one thing.   If I tell you it’s about a young boy training to be an elite fighter, you’ll assume another.  If I tell you it’s about a street urchin fighting a crime boss for his very life…

I can’t describe the plot of the book because it is very much its own story.  It’s the kind of story where you say “I think I’ll give this a try for three paragraphs and then move on if it doesn’t work out” only to find yourself unable to put it down even for your doctor’s appointment.

I flat out love this book.  I love the way it made  me have hope.   I want to share that love and that hope with anyone and everyone who loves to read.   Please spend the paltry $4 this book costs on Amazon or add it to your Kindle Unlimited queue.   It’s worth at least a look.  If it’s not for you, set it aside.  (That’s what I told myself.  Two days later I came up for air and have hardly stopped raving the book’s praises since.)

Definitely 5 worms.

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