Book Title – Cross Stitch: The Essential Practical Collection

TITLE: Cross Stitch: The Essential Practical Collection: Techniques, Projects, 600 Photographs and Charts: A Comprehensive guide to creative cross stitch with over 150 Gorgeous step-by-step designs in celtic style, traditional style, folk art and contemporary style
AUTHOR: Dorothy Wood
FORMAT: Paperback

I don’t often post reviews for craft books because crafting is so subjective, but with a title like that, this book has made a whole lot of promises.  And, well, it hasn’t delivered them.

First of all, I don’t know how “essential” or “practical” this collection is.  Half of the stuff is so ugly that I’d be embarassed to see stitiching it.  One pillow design is a hot mess.  It looks like a kid was doodling and mom translated it in string for no good reason.  Other stuff (“teenagers will love…” Um, no, no they won’t.) is just so bad that I can’t believe the patterns ever got in print.

Also, the book is all over the place – some patterns use DMC, others use Anchor, and there’s a bunch of other stuff that just isn’t consistent.  Many projects require the user to figure out the pattern on their own (isn’t the point of a pattern book to get a pattern?), and I’m not actually sure what some of the finished items even are.  And the patterns that are there all *require* the user to go copy the pattern at some level of zoom.

I wanted to like this book.  Based on the cover and it’s thickness, it looked thorough.  But practically (you know, title word here), it’s not.  There’s nothing modern about any of these patterns, and some of them need put out of their misery.

There is a good section at the beginning about technique and different types of stitching, but the rest of it is bad.

I’m going to give it 3/5, but it’s a nice, quiet, reserved one.



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