Book Review – The Woman In Cabin 10

Title: The Woman In Cabin 10
Author: Ruth Ware
Format: Hardback
Published: 2017

“You’re going on a cruise right? I have a book for you to read!” That is exactly how The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware fell into my lap.  This book was suspenseful and kept me guessing with most every turn of the page.

Follow along as Lo Blacklock, the book’s protagonist, takes a journey on a private cruise ship for work.  She is neurotic, has a borderline drinking problem, and one starts to think she’s just crazy and imagining everything.  Fair warning right now, if you’re not a fan of cursing, do not pick this book up.

She falls victim to a home invasion in England and debates about taking the journalism job for her magazine.  Her boss is pregnant and cannot go so she sees this as her big break and goes anyway.  This plays a huge part as she keeps reliving this break in and drinks to try and forget it.

So our journey on the ship starts around a murder that Ms. Blacklock thinks she witnessed.  We settle in to the journey and then the book gets stale.  It’s her drinking, hung over, and drinking again.  She starts to tell her secrets of what she thinks she saw and heard to a few guests and crew and you get the feeling that maybe this book is taking one on a wild goose chase.  No one believes her and everyone seems to tell her a guest she is certain she saw was never on the ship at all.

The author also mixes in a little romance with her boyfriend she left at home and an ex-boyfriend who happens to be cruising with her.  Do not get too excited over this, it’s a very small part in the storyline.  I almost feel like it was put in to add some fluff and increase the number of pages.  Her relationship with her boyfriend almost becomes an annoyance where I want to yell at her, “shit or get off the pot!” She would be that friend that is always Debbie Downer and you would cringe when she would call you with her problems.  While there was some lack in the middle of the story I was hooked enough in the beginning to follow through with finishing the book.

We reach a point where finally, some action!  Lo becomes trapped and we find out whether or not she’s crazy.  Was there a murder?  Did she really see a guest everyone claimed was never on board?  All these questions get answered.  The pace at the end of the book moves fast.  There’s action and I was left on the edge of my seat, anxiously turning the next page to see how things would turn out.

The end of the book brings everything together and it all makes sense.  It answers any and all questions you could possibly have had at the beginning of the book.  Overall, this book was well written and while it gets stale in the middle, the beginning and the end make up for it.  I will leave it with a rating of 3.5, I could see how this book could not be interesting to some and then all enthralling to others.  If you pick this book up let me know what you think!


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