Book Review: Where We Belong

Title: Where We Belong

Author: Emily Giffin

Format: Paperback

Published: 2012


I stumbled across this book at a consignment shop and the brief description on the book jacket immediately peaked my interest.  I am so glad that I picked this book up.  The one thing that I cannot believe is how this book was not made into a big, glamorous Hollywood movie!

This book is told by 2 people, Marian Caldwell, successful television producer living in glitzy Manhattan, and Kirby Rose, an eighteen-year-old girl who is graduating high school from a small Midwestern town in Missouri.  It alternates them telling the story so we can see things from both perspectives.  A few times I would have to recheck the name at the start of the chapter but it is easy to follow along with.

Marian Caldwell has kept a secret for eighteen long years.  One night her secret she never told anyone, except her mother, knocks on her door.  Surprise!  Marian fell pregnant during the summer after she graduated high school.  She went into hiding with the help of her mother and made the decision to place her daughter up for adoption…without ever mentioning she was pregnant to the baby’s father.

This book made me very emotional.  I cried throughout it.  I felt passion and raw emotion along the way.  As a mother, there is nothing I love more in life than my children.  Emily Giffin penned a remarkable story in which I felt all of Marian’s feelings and ached for her.  While she made the right decision, it was a very difficult decision and living through Marian and Kirby’s story I could feel it.  This book made me call my mother just to tell her I love her.

Kirby first finds her birth mother by lying to her parents and taking a Greyhound bus from Missouri to New York City.  Marian is navigating her way through a relationship she wants much more out of and now must drop this bombshell on her boyfriend (who also happens to be her boss).  Now Marian also must find the whereabouts of the man who’s heart she broke eighteen years ago when she just left.  As much as she does not want to find him or see him, she needs to do it for Kirby’s sake.

It was so interesting and fun to see the similarities between Kirby with both her birth parents and adoptive ones.  Kirby’s life almost echoes Marian’s in a certain way that she marches to the beat of her own drum.  The ending shocked me.  It left me stunned with my jaw hitting the floor.  When I reflect on how the book ends, it is the most realistic ending.  This is what makes the book so appealing, it is so real.  I found it heartwarming to see both Kirby and Marian end up where they belong.

So until a big Hollywood producers turns this into a movie or a sequel pops up, I will imagine this story past the last few words of this book.  It is hard not to!  The book also offers 23 thought provoking questions at the end for you to use in a reading group, if that is your cup of tea.

Overall this book gets a solid 4 rating from me.  It was hard not to go with a 5.  You know what, if you are a mother then this gets a 5 rating for you.  I feel that all mothers will feel this book tug a little more at their heartstrings.  I would like to note that I read this book in less than 2 days, it was that interesting.  I had to know where the story went and how it ended.  It kept my attention and I plan on reading more from Ms. Giffin.  If you come across this book you MUST read it!  I promise you will not regret it!


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