Book Review: How Hard Can It Be?

Title: How Hard Can It Be?

Author: Allison Pearson

Format: Paperback, Advance Readers’ Edition

Published: 2018

A huge thank you to St. Martin’s Press for the special advance readers’ edition of How Hard Can It Be by Allison Pearson.  The book releases on June 5, 2018 so go ahead and pre-order the book now, this is going to be a GREAT summer read!  Are you ready?  If not, #getREDDY.

This book is a sequel to I Don’t Know How She Does It, however, I did not read the first book and was not lost at all through this book.  I appreciate that it can be read alone and I don’t miss out on anything, and if I did, I did not even realize it!

This book is about Kate Reddy, a 49-year-old woman who is going back to work while taking care of 2 teenage children, a dilapidated old home (that has so much potential), menopause, and a husband who took a break from life.  She is a member of The Returners’, a woman’s group with middle aged women trying to make it back into the work force.  Could she be their first success story?

Kate had taken a break from her life to take care of her children, make her relationship better with her husband, and get away from a man she saw herself having an affair with.  She had successfully created a hedge fund at an international investment company and left it all behind to try and make her life right and now needed to go back to support her family.  Her husband has decided to take 2 years off work to intern and learn to be a counselor (which means no income from him).  Mind you they had moved to new area of England into a fixer upper and were constantly in the middle of renovations.

She ends taking a temporary position after having life about her age (because who wants to hire someone who is a has been with a huge gap in her resume).  Thankfully, due to the financial crisis, no one is still working there when she left so she decides to be the same age as she was when she left, 42, and no one knows none the wiser.

Kate makes it through with humor and her close friends.  I can only imagine what it is like to be a parent of teenagers (oh, I will find out in 6 short years myself).  But, I appreciated the realistic life of what parents with teenagers are going through; social media and technology obsessions.  She also has to deal with family aches and pains and we ALL can relate to those!  I felt so hard for Kate and was desperately hoping everything could work out for her.  Could her daughter bounce back from a social media viral post?  Will her son get off his Playstation?  Will the man she was tempted to have an affair with come back into her life?  Is her husband just studying with his mentor?  Overall, the book was fairly easy to predict and I saw everything that was coming.  It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t pleasantly pleased, because I was.

This book is a solid 4.  It was enjoyable to read, even with the British undertones.  There were a few things I did not understand but that’s just due to me being an American.  The book read as if you were in Kate’s head and that is a neat perspective.  If you love British humor novels, this book is for you!  It was a warm, light hearted read, and I absolutely loved the ending.  So, leave this post right now and go ahead and pre-order this poolside/beach/drink-in-hand/lounge chair read.  It will keep you entertained this summer!  Comment and let me know if you pre-order this gem!  Next week I will be reviewing the psychological thriller Pretty Girls Dancing by Kylie Brant, see you then!



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