Book Review: Wynn In Doubt

Title: Wynn In Doubt

Author: Emily Hemmer

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: 2015

I picked this book up from the Amazon Prime reading library and I could NOT put this book down.  I had to restrain myself from staying up until 2am finishing this book in one sitting.  I have not had a book hook me in like this in awhile!  The book starts off with this quote from the author, “I hope you enjoy reading this book. I hope it inspires you to not take life for granted but to go out and seek what makes you happy, no matter your age or situation,” and let me tell you, IT DID.

We meet Wynn Jeffries and hear about her last few days as a high school student.  She always had a thing for Oliver, except he was the popular boy and she was a self-proclaimed nerd.  But here is every girl’s high school dream; Oliver kisses Wynn in the parking lot after one of the final days of high school.  Now we flash forward to 10 years later.

Wynn is a bartender who daydreams about a better life.  Anytime she has an inkling to go out and see the world, her family needs her and she must stay back.  She has never truly been happy and has not been doing anything for herself.  We also find out that Oliver has made it to stardom and is in a very successful band.  Yes, she is still obsessed with him and still madly in love with him.

Oliver decides he needs a break and comes back to his hometown and gets a job at the same bar that Wynn works at.  Things begin as awkward between the two of them and then they hit it off.  I was giddy with excitement to see where this relationship may go!

Wynn’s family life is a little crazy.  She has two sisters who are both very overwhelming.  Their grandmother dies and one sister has labeled “all the good things” as they go through her house cleaning it out to sell.  They come across a big box of books and give it to Wynn because again, she is the self-proclaimed nerd and is the only one ho would do something productive with them.

She begins to read a book and a newspaper clipping falls out.  It tells of the arrest of a bootlegger and a lady friend.  Wynn brings this up to her mother after she feels the name of the woman is too familiar to her.  We find out it is her grandmother’s mother, Lola.

The twist is that they were told her grandmother’s mother died when she was young.  Wynn’s mother insists this is still the case until Wynn pushes her to the point of no return.  We find out that she just up and left one day and Wynn’s grandmother never spoke of it.  Wynn’s mother wishes Wynn would drop it but Wynn has so many unanswered questions she needs to find answers to.  Lola appeals to Wynn and she feels like a part of Lola is within herself and she needs to finally go on a journey for herself, to make her happy, despite her mother crying and pleading with her not to.  You go girl.

Oliver takes Wynn on a roadtrip to where Lola was last known to have lived.  They do not find out that much but Wynn does discover an old journal of hers.  The adventure that Oliver and Wynn take is so sweet and loving, it just gave me all the feels.  I am so happy that Wynn chose to make herself happy for once.  The book is so inspiring and is a reminder that we all should live our happiest lives.  I would go on but then I would ruin the book for you and I want you to go out and read this one, NOW!

This book gets a 5 out of 5 from me.  I loved the hint of romance and the adventure that Wynn lets her gyspy soul go on.  I especially LOVED the ending, although I will admit, the author had me on pins and needles thinking it was going to all fall apart.  I will leave with you short excerpt from the end of the book, “To not give up on what I want for my life, even if it means risking my heart. And, most importantly, that realizing our dreams is only part of what makes us whole. We need people to root for us. We need to be able to come home again.”  Just trust me when I tell you this is a must read!  Comment and let me know if you read this book or plan on it!  Next week I will be reviewing Luger Rounds by William Lynes, MD, catch you next Thursday!

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