Book Review: All Summer Long

Title: All Summer Long

Author: Dorothea Benton Frank

Format: Paperback

Published: 2016

I loved my first visit to a local Little Free Library and highly suggest that everyone check them out at  Find a local library in your area and pay it a visit (and leave it a book or two)!

So three chapters in to this book and nothing was happening.  There is a lovely older couple, Olivia and Nick, and they are embarking on a move.  Nick is retiring and Olivia promised him when he retires they would move from New York City to Sullivan’s Island.  You would think this book would be about them, however, it’s mostly about the travels they have with Olivia’s billionaire clients, Maritza and Bob.

Now Olivia is struggling financially and Nick is clueless.  Olivia has been struggling with clients and Bob is really her only client she has going for her now.  She’s been working with him for years so they have more of a brother/sister relationship.  The move to Sullivan’s Island has been stressful because she knows what they can and can’t afford and they really shouldn’t be buying what they are.  Earth to Olivia, TALK TO NICK!  BE HONEST!!  Thankfully her assistant Roni helps keep her grounded and is able to work things out for her.

So back to the worldly travels.  I cannot stand the circle of friends that Bob has.  They are rude and ignorant and I don’t know why Bob keeps them around.  Bob isn’t so innocent himself but when he realizes that he has the love of his life, he starts to change his ways, but, is it too late?  The crap that goes on will have your jaw drop.  It will leave you thinking Maritza is only with him for his money but you’ll see how that all unravels.

Short review because there really isn’t much here. If you pick this book up and open it at the halfway point and read the second half, that’s the only part where action happens.  So, because there is some witty, wait, what just happened writing in the second part of this book, I’m giving it a 3.  I’m glad I stuck it out and honestly when I got to the last quarter of the book I couldn’t put it down.  I’ll let you in on a secret…one of the wives decides to leave her husband and it’s an adventure to figure out where she went, how she did it, and if they would stay together.  It just took a lot of reading to get to the point of the story where there was a climax (this book could be turned into a GREAT short story).  Tune in next Thursday for my review of The Other Woman by Sandie Jones!


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