Book Review – Hawkeye My Life as a Weapon

Title: Hawkeye My life as a weapon

Author:  Matt Fraction

Illustrator:  David Aja & Javier Pulido

Format: Paperback

Published: 2013


Yes, I have been a Marvel kick as of late and I am unapologetic about this. I am in fact completely unapologetic that I am reviewing a lot of comic books but I find the stories to be quite good and entertaining and something I can do in my limited time my life affords me.  I like the characters crafted in comics and am addicted but that is me I love a good story and if I can get it quickly that can be good.  That isn’t to say I have abandoned books entirely I am actually slowly working my way through an actual book that is something more than a children’s book, but as I’m only half done I’m far from doing a review and comics are something I get through quickly.  I may be big about reading but at times I am slow at reading and to be honest I am a bit slow at reading and I suffer from reading ADD I am the type who could easily have 12 books going at once.


Any way my coworker had this comic with him and I stole it as well at the time I stole the Thor comic from him.  I had heard good things about this comic from the unique art style to it being a rather good story and really I was a little underwhelmed.  Maybe Hawkeye isn’t the hero for me.  Not to say I wouldn’t watch a Hawkeye movie and not because Jeremy Renner is an attractive actor but I feel that a movie might translate better to me than this comic did.  It had some good stories but they didn’t really grip me much. The best story to me was the young Avengers story that was tacked in the back of the comic book.  The characters had a lot of flavor and personality and I wold gladly read more of these characters.  Maybe that was my issue with the Hawkeye comics there was a certain lack of personality on some levels and it was more about the action.  For me I love characters and getting into their heads rather than just being his with some great action sequences.


Any way over all I would give this comic a 2 out of 5 I kept me occupied during a boring day at work but that was about it.  This book might be for some people but it wasn’t for me at all.

Book Review – Thor God of Thunder

Title: Thor God of Thunder

Author: Jason Aaron

Artist: Esad Ribic

Format: Paperback

Publication:  2013


This book came to me on an off day when I was a little bored.  My Co-worker got a few new comics in and there was Thor God of Thunder sitting on his desk looking all shiny and pretty.  It just called out my name saying Read me!  Now I’m normally not a Thor fan the movies is the base of my knowledge of this super hero and I wasn’t that wild about the movies – to me the point of the movies is Loki.  Yes I am something of a Tom Hiddleston fan – I can’t help it!  Any way I still picked up the book curious and got sucked in rather quickly.


The story of Thor here is well crafted it is telling telling one story that arches over Thor’s entire life time.  It starts with a very young Thor who is visiting ancient Norse Vickings.  He is cocky and full of himself as ever and is faced with a rather intriguing foe that changes his view on life to some degree as he was almost defeated.  While this story is told in parts we are given flashes of the present day Thor that we know and are familiar with one that is part of the Avengers in some way and is in present day earth realizing that there was more to his past chance encounter and there is something much darker and sinister going on that there is something going about killing and destroying all the gods of all the worlds.  This is where it really gets intriguing.


Of course, this story is all told in chunks and also shows a future Thor known as Old Man Thor who is beaten down most everyone is gone and lost and he’s trying to defeat and unbeatable foe who simply won’t just end things.  Old Man Thor though in a sad situation is kind of fun and super awesome and tough.  The story though in bites and moving from time point to time point in Thor’s life is well told and gives you enough to keep you going and it simply just masterfully crafted for a three for one store about one person at different points in time.


Over all this book was fantastic and I have been clamoring for the continuation which I am finally going to be able to read here soon and I can’t wait!  Over all I would give this comic a 5 out of 5 pages as it was simply that good and even if you are new to Thor this is a good start you aren’t left lost and wondering at all.

Book Review – World War Hulk: X-Men

Title:  World War Hulk: X-Men

Author:  Christos Gage, Robert Kirkman, Dan Slott, & Daniel Way

Illustrators:  Stefano Caselli, Butch Guice, Javier Saltares & Andrea Di Vito

Format: Paperback

Published:  2008


This is a review that has been a long time coming I read this comic book in a desperate plight to avoid doing working on a paper.  I finished the book and found myself busier than I could imagine and never writing the review.  I came into possession of this book from my co-worker who is one of my comic guru’s.  While my one friend got me started and has me obsessed with Batman or more namely Robin (aka Tim Drake) my coworker is trying to ensure that I expand my horizons.  Thus he gave me his copy of World War Hulk X-Men, as well as another World War Hulk book I have yet to read.


The basic premise of the store is that Hulk being a danger to mankind was sent into out space to a planet that was habitable for the Hulk but was uninhabited.  He was sent by a group known as the Illuminati that includes various different Marvel heroes.  Unfortunately there was an error in the ship flight path and Hulk was sent to an inhabited plant where he was made a slave and worked and fought his way to being king of said planet.  He found a wife and had a child but the planet was destroyed.  Enraged by what happened the Hulk returned to earth to exact revenge on the Illuminati and any who got in his way.


This book is a multi-story cross over having a few issues of X-Men, a few issues of Avengers: The Initiative and issue of Ant-Man a few issues of Iron man and a few issues of Ghost Rider.  It is a rather expansive story line that hit several characters and tied into together each comic would reference the same events from different character perspectives.  It was interesting to see the different perspectives of the same event.   It is something I haven’t seen before but have wondered about.  What was X characters reaction to a situation why didn’t character Y get involved.  This book answers that and for that it is cool.


However, I also had problems with this.  Many of these comics, though part of the World War Hulk story line are only a small part of the over-arching story line for the different characters.  Many of these issues were part way through the characters story line and thus referenced things in their story that was not part of the Hulk story.  I can respect that, but it made it very difficult to follow along, particularly as I am very new to the Marvel universe.  I know of these characters and have a basic understanding of what they do but I don’t KNOW the characters I don’t know some of the back story from other sources like I did with Batman.  Most of my knowledge of the Marvel Universe was X-Men cartoons as a child and the recent Marvel movies.  There were a lot of things that I knew I was missing out on and it made the story kind of difficult to get into.  Like there was a mysterious character that I could tell I should have known who it was if I was familiar with the story arch but I wasn’t and it made me feel like I was missing out.


Over all the story was hard to follow and not that gripping to me.  I am actually dragging my feet to read the next book but seeing as I am borrowing I feel like I need to read it.  So it will sit in my desk drawer for a bit longer and I’ll give this book that I did read a 3 out of five pages.  If I knew what was going on the book would have been good but being a bit lost it wasn’t that great.  World War Hulk is not a good starting point for getting into the Marvel Univer

Book Review – Road to Marvel’s The Avengers

Title: Road To Marvel’s The Avengers

Created By: Various/Multiple Authors and Illustrators

Format: Paperback/Comics bound as a graphic novel

Written: 2010-2012

Published: 2012 (this binding)

This book features four ongoing comics – “I am Iron Man!,” “Iron Man 2: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” “Iron Man 2: Public Identity,” and “Captain America: First Vengeance” – and runs at least a hundred pages (they’re not numbered, I’m totally guessing).

These are supposed to be the lead up to the Avengers movie (and movie cannon).  The first part was written after the movie and based totally on it.  The other two Iron Man parts are sort of a lead up to the second movie.  Captain America is a lead up to when Rogers was chosen to be Cap –so the first bit of the movie.

Here’s the thing, I tend to like comics for their artwork.  (There’s not enough substance to the story for me to justify them otherwise.)  The artwork in here was –dark.  It sort of lost a little for me.  Most of the backgrounds are dark, there is hardly any white, etc.  I think that it would have benefitted from brighter artwork.

And the story lines are meant to be related to the movies, but the drawings don’t exactly look like the Tony Stark or Pepper Pots that we’ve seen so many times on the big screen.  If this was really done as a way to bridge comic fans and the movies…  what did they draw?  A hybrid?  Whatever they wanted?  I’m not familiar enough with the comics to know if they kept that aesthetic or started a new one.  But for what it is, I sort of expected Tony Stark to have an uncanny resemblance to Robert Downey, Jr., instead of just sorta looking like they could pass for the police sketch. Nevermind Chris Evans – he doesn’t look a thing like the drawings of Captain America.

Which brings me to another issue that I have with this.  There’s like one page that mentions something about old magic and shows a drawing of Odin.  Not even Thor.  If this is really the road to the Avengers, why don’t we have a Thor story of some sort, something about Hulk, etc?  There’s a bit about Natascha (Black Widow), since she goes undercover to keep tabs on Stark, but that’s it, and not a single word/mention/nod in Hawkeye’s direction.  I would have liked to see it a little more rounded.

In fact, I think that if it weren’t for the Captain America/Daddy Stark connection that they would have considered discluding him, too.  (And yes, I probably made that word totally up.)  This also opens my rant that they did stuff bass-ackwards and I would very much have liked to see Cap before Iron Man, just so you get the chronology and Iron Man’s history in the right order.

In the end – if you’re a fan of the Iron Man movie franchise, go ahead and pick this up.  If you’re psycho into the Avengers, you should have it because I’m quite sure you have everything else.  But if you’re a casual fan, you can watch the movies, skip this entirely and not have missed anything at all.  Not sure where that fits on the pages scale, I guess a three?

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