Book Review – Celtic Cross Stitch

TITLE: Celtic Cross Stitch: Over 40 small, exciting and innovative projects

BY: Anne Orr & Leslie Clarke

FORMAT: Hard Cover


Celtic Cross Stitch is, obviously, a pattern book of celtic designs for cross stitching.

I chose to review it because I actually really liked this one.  It’s rare that I find a cross-stitch book that I want to make any of the stuff in, and I would be okay making several of these patterns.

Of course, there are a few clunkers (at one point, the pattern is literally swirls like you would draw when doodling, and a few don’t feel celtic-ey at all), but most of these are pretty decent.  I was a little concerned with the mustard yellow Aida cloth that they used for several of the designs, but for the most part, the patterns were nice, and the stitching was all done well, which is sadly, something I have to look for now.  I hate, HATE books where the stitcher screwed up or cut corners to make the examples and they look like a ten year old did them.  This actually looks like they’re done by somebody who knows what they’re doing, so yay!

With that said, if these are your type of thing, borrow the book from the library.  I don’t think any of these patterns are the type of thing that will make you want to buy yourself a copy.  4/5.

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