Book Review – Captain America: Road to Reborn

Title: Captain America: Road to Reborn

Author: Ed Brubaker

Artist: Various

Format: Paperback

Published: 2009


In an attempt to expand my horizons of comics I decided to pick up a Captain America that had the potential to look interesting from the library featuring Captain America or rather Bucky Barns as Captain America on some level.  This comic takes place after the death of Captain America.  It goes through the life and times of Captain America as a lot of people considered their past with him and what he had done.  We get to see this from the perspective of Bucky, and a from a few of his friends and romantic interests.  It was a neat story showing the value and importance of a beloved hero and what sort of impact that he had on other people.


Some of the stories were rather interesting such as the last one with the vampires which is a story featuring Bucky and retold by Bucky.  To be honest some of my favorite stories were the Bucky stories.  If the story of the Captain was not being recanted it was those who had survived him and his death dealing with the grief and shock of his death.


In the end the tile of the story I think is very apt and fitting as there is a point  where Captain’s survivors make mention of how there might be a way to save him.  The details are not spelled out at all and if one is not careful it can be read as a throw away line and be easily missed in the story.


Truth be told this story wasn’t that trilling or spectacular and there was noting that fully stood out for me save for the story that featured the vampires and I feel that is chiefly because vampires and werewolves fascinate me in literature.  So I think over all I would give the story a 3 out of 5 page review saying that it was a good read and it was easy to follow even if you don’t know too much they kind of let you know what has happened before this story for characters to be the way they are.

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