Book Review – Bug Patrol

TITLE: Bug Patrol
AUTHOR: Denise Dowling Mortensen
FORMAT: Hardcover

My normal Tuesday routine involves meeting Boss and his Daddy at the library, we switch the carseat into my car, and I take my boss to story hour. (Hey, it’s one of the perks of answering to an 18-month-old for a paycheck.) And every week after story hour is over, I pick out 2-4 books that I will read to him later. Either a book I remember from my childhood (Curious George, anyone?), or something that looks cute enough that I want to look at it.

Bug Patrol follows Captain Bob, our friendly neighborhood bug cop, as he does his daily shift. And holy cow is this book absolutely adorable.


“9 AM/Behind the wheel/riding in/my bug mobile.//Coffee, cruller/cruise control/I’m Captain Bob/Bug Patrol.”

The format is pretty repetitive – Cap’n Bob gets a call, and we hear what the call is. Then ‘WEE-O! WEE-O! WEE-O! WOO! Bug Mobile Coming Through!’ And seriously, every time I did that part, Boss giggled like it was the most awesome thing ever. Then he solves the problem, and we repeat the process again.

I read the book with my mother in the room, and when we finished it, we looked at each other and said “We need to own that.”
There is nothing wrong with this book. It’s simple, cute illustrations, a thorough story, a great rhythm to read it to… I want to own this book, and I don’t even have a kid.

So, 5/5 pages, hands down. I’m going to see what else this author has available soon.

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