Book Review: The Christmas Wish

Title: The Christmas Wish

Author: Tilly Tennant

Format: Kindle

Published: 2018


DROP EVERYTHING!  STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!  Go and read this book now!  *Disclaimer: not for people who hate heartwarming, funny, feel good holiday romance novels.  This has become my FAVORITE holiday read ever; to the point where I may even re-read this!  (I know that’s a shock, I NEVER re-read my books!)

The story starts out with Esme who decides to break it off for good with her boyfriend and goes to her grandmother’s house for some solace.  She has neglected her friends and family while she was dating her tool of a boyfriend and has an estranged relationship with her parents.  Her grandmother is the only person she knows that will take her in with no questions asked.

They bond and her grandmother is hell bent on her repairing her relationship with her parents.  Shortly before Christmas, she passes away.  Esme discovers her grandmother bought a paid for a trip to Lapland, a place in Iceland she has always wanted to go but her husband would never take her.  As Esme goes through her grandmother’s belongings she discovers tickets to Lapland that her grandfather had bought but passed away before he could take his wife.  Esme is torn at what to do with the trip and, as any down and out woman does, goes back to her tool of a boyfriend.

She tries to convince her boyfriend to go on the trip with her but all he wants her to do is to get the money back for it and spend it on something else.  Esme decides to be bold, sneaks out of the house while her boyfriend is at work, and does what her grandmother would have wanted her to do; she goes on the trip by herself.

She meets up with 3 other solo travelers; Zach, Hortense, and Brian.  Hortense and Brian end up hooking up and that leaves Zach and Esme, as friends.  Esme starts to grow fond of Zach but he is keeping his guard up high and she cannot figure out why.  Don’t even get me started on his mood swings, they’re intense.  As she takes this trip, she starts to realize there is more to life than she will ever see with her boyfriend and she needs to start living her life.

I cannot say anything else without giving key parts of the book away so, go read it!  The detail in this book around Lapland just painted a vivid picture in my mind.  I know how a very high desire to visit Lapland in person and one day visit these places Tennant describes in this book.  The attention to detail is unreal and really makes this book stand out.  I truly felt like I was everywhere described in this book.

This is a 5-star book.  Yes, 5 stars!  I wanted to be in Lapland.  I was rooting so hard for all of the characters in this book.  They all faced some difficult things in their lives and all were able to see past those times.  This made my heart smile, and my face, and even made me tear up a little and laugh out loud.  The penmanship Tennant has is just stellar and remarkable.  This truly goes beyond your typical holiday novel and is a genuine, solid read.  Does it involve romance?  Yes, but, this book offers so much more than that!  Tune in next week for advance copy review of An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.


Book Review – Green Angel

TITLE: Green Angel
AUTHOR: Alice Hoffman
FORMAT: Hardback


Green Angel is a novella (or maybe even novelette) about a teenager named Green.  Her parents and sister set off to go to the market in the city and she gets left behind (because somebody has to).  Unfortunately, there’s a fire in the city, and almost nobody gets out alive.

The family of four becomes a sad, lonely teenager.  This book is about her dealing with her grief and continuing on as a human being.

So right off the bat, several things stand out.  First, while it is Green telling her story, it feels like we’re hearing it in her head.  There’s no dialogue, really, and in this case, that really works.  You feel one with the main character fairly quickly.  Second, the time frame.

I don’t have any idea whatsoever what time frame this story is supposed to be in.  The family carts vegetables off to market.  There are silversmiths.  But there is also a mention of the great traffic outside, which is a modern word that stands out (whether meant to or not).  I couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be ages ago or a simpler time in the future or something else.  And on one hand, I really wanted to know, because I couldn’t figure it out on my own, but knowing or not knowing doesn’t affect the enjoyability of the story.

I liked it though.  I thought it was really unique from everything I’ve read, and I totally enjoyed reading it.  The imagery from Green was just incredible, and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t see pictures of some of these things.  (From the cover artist – omg.)

Easy 5/5, for sure.


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