Book Review – Push by Sapphire





I really really want the review to simply say “this is crap. Run, run now!” but I will wait and instead attempt to give you a review.  You’ve been warned.

For those who aren’t familiar with this (this is the book that the movie Precious is based on), the story line is that 16-year-old Precious is once again pregnant with her father’s child. She gets kicked out of school (never mind that she can’t read and shouldn’t be in junior high school).  Out of her mother’s good graces (for being a slut and “seducing” her rapist bastard father), she finally decides she no longer cares about  her mother, and leaves.

Okay.  First of all, why does a fat black chick who keeps having her father’s babies make a good movie?  Why, oh why oh why must we have this book turned to cinema?

Second of all, who the hell thought it would make a good book?

The book is written from the perspective of Precious.  Who is remarkably illiterate considering that she grew up watching TV all the time and conversing with people when she felt the need to talk.  So I don’t understand why  she’s so… unable to tell this story with some level of coherantness.

She’s telling the story, not writing it down.  So I just don’t buy that she went to public school (yes, she’s 16 and in junior high, but still), watched television all the time, and somehow, the only words she knows are pussy and piss and she named her first baby Mongo because the kid was deformed.  Way to go.   In case you didn’t get that, I’ll reiterate – the writing is vulgar, the sentences are bad, and it’s just…

Just.  No.

I read the whole damn thing because it was like a train wreck, and I just had to keep reading to see if it got better.  To make this book even better, by the time the book ended, she was writing poetry, too.  Ahem.  I had such a bad headache trying to read this that it took two days to fully go away.  Hell, I even tried reading it to the cat in hopes that it would be better out loud (remember, it’s all dialect).  No luck.

Yes, somewhere in all of that is determination and an unbreaking spirit, but you have to swim through oatmeal to get to it.

Run.  Screaming.  In the other direction.  Like my cats did.  1/5 pages.

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