Book Review – How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting To Kill You

How to Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You
Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal)
Paperback, 2012

My boyfriend bought this book at a recent trip to the bookstore.  As soon as he brought it home, his cat, Ellis, a grey tabby, perched himself three feet away and glared at us as if he could read the cover and we were somehow onto his evil plot.  Yes, this book might just be a bit more than comedy.

The book itself is a collection of comics about how you know if your cat is plotting to kill you.  I’ll give you a clue.  He is.

It includes a series of comics featuring the Bobcats at work, a bit about ways to tell if your cat is a mountain lion, cats vs the internet, and how to tell if your kitten is plotting to kill you.  After reading the book, you will have a better understanding of why your cat eats dog food (hint: it’s bulking up on protein omnomnom), you’ll be reminded that attacking large inanimate objects is practice for hunting large game, and you’ll finally have that oververbal cat talk translated – they’re huge roars of awesomeness!

Sure, the book is cheezy, but it’s nothing that we’ve never thought once in a while owning cats.  I have three – DC, Brynn & Alix – and I’m telling you, if the book is telling the truth and the kneading cats do is really to check for weak spots, I have no chance.  Brynn does that stuff for an hour at a time.

But I do think that the book is fun.  I think it’s a must have for any cat lover.   With that said, I don’t think a not cat lover will like it at all.  So, if you’re a cat lover, It’s a 5/5 but if you’re not, I’m not sure you’ll appreciate the book.

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