Book Review – Are you Alice? 2 by Ikumi Katagiri, Ai Ninomiya

Title:  Are you Alice?

Author/Illustrator: Ikumi Katagiri, Ai Ninomiya

Format:  Paperback

Published: 2013


As I said I was going to give the second volume a chance and really I’m not sold on this story line.  It has an interesting concept and I have a feeling that it has something to do with being a writer and writing with the talk of lost pages and ideas which is a story concept that I love and I am intrigued by these types of stories but at the same time there isn’t enough to keep me going at least not at this point.  The book just hasn’t been that interesting really.


The story moves forward but at a glacial pace, as “Alice” tries to gain access to speak with the door mouse.  This was what he was trying to do in the last book and he has still yet to speak with the door mouse as he kind of goes back and forth getting to know characters and more aspects about characters are revealed and it is simply confusing and weird.  I know Alice in Wonderland is confusing and weird and in some ways that is the point but at the same time it just is all really super flat and boring and I just can’t get into things at all.  Really the characters have no  character though there is such deep and rich potential so I doubt I’ll read the next book unless actually truly bored.


Overall I give this book a paltry 2 out of 5 pages and advise pick this series up only if you are bored and even then, honestly there are other and better things to do and read when you are bored.  Simply put I do not find the manga to be good at all.

Book Reivew – Are you Alice? by Ikumi Katagiri and Ai Nnomiya

Title:  Are you Alice?

Author/Illustrator: Ikumi Katagiri and Ai Nnomiya

Format: Paperback

Published: 2010


Yes, I admit I have a thing and interest in the concept of Alice in Wonderland.  I am not the most fond of the original text finding Alice to be rather stupid and dull but the world and the ideas surrounding the world are absolutely fascinating.  It is a interesting world with interesting characters to play with to say the least.


Thus I picked up “Are you Alice? “which is a unique take on Alice in Wonderland with a guy who happened into wonderland and has been dubbed Alice and is forced into a game of “Kill the White Rabbit”.  I was curious simply because of it being a male Alice but I am uncertain as to the story.  A lot of this was set up and “Alice” learning who he is, and that he is Alice and what he is supposed to do as Alice.  It has had some interesting concepts that make me curious as to the way it is going.


Over all the story is different and somewhat confusing at times, and honestly a little boring.  It just did not capture my interest as other Wonderland stories have but I shall read the next book and see what comes of it, particularly as I have the second book from the library already.


Over all, with this short review, I would give the book a 2 out of 5 pages and say don’t waste your time at this point, but be on the look out for the review of the second volume as my opinion my change because sometime it is worth suffering through the boring and dull books or chapters go get to the really interesting bits of story.

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