Book Review: I Wish You Happy

Title: I Wish You Happy

Author: Kerry Anne King

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: 2017

So I loved Whisper Me This so much I had to go right into another Kerry Anne King book.  I chose I Wish You Happy.

This story moves slow.  In the beginning I asked myself why I was still reading this book.  I didn’t really feel like there was a point to anything at all and I was just watching a clip of someone’s life.  But I kept reading because unless a book is absolutely horrendous, I won’t quit reading it.  Overall, I’m glad I didn’t quit reading because I think this book highlights mental health really well.  We all need to take care of ourselves and this book gently reminds you to.

The main character is Rae, who is a huge hot mess.  She gets along better with animals than people and is socially awkward.  She ends up running over a suicidal woman on a bike on her way to bury to her dead pet rat.  I told you she’s a little awkward.

She ends up going to the hospital to check on the woman she ran over.  She feels so much guilt over what happened with Kat, the woman she ran over, and blurts out that for her recovery she can stay with her.  The guilt hit her so strong (even though there was no way she could have prevented it) and she wants to help her.  She starts to have a flirty relationship with Cole, Kat’s therapist, and he ends up planning a memorial service for her dead rat.  What?  It’s an excuse for the party.

Kat is the only drama in this book, that is unless you count Rae going back and forth in her head on what she’s doing with her life.   She is an empath so she takes on the emotional load of everyone around her.  She was seeing a therapist but stopped because, well, let’s be honest, she couldn’t handle her anymore, but, she didn’t seem to help her out anyway.

Rae does seem to find a way to detach herself from other people and grows in the book.  Kat becomes a liability and Rae FINALLY puts her foot down.  She stands up for herself and will not let herself be taken advantage of with her kindness anymore.  It was nice to see that.  It was also nice to see how important our mental health can be and how serious we should take it.  Rae felt guilty and blame for Kat when, in reality, she needed to be giving her tough love from the very beginning.  It was never anything Rae did and I think she finally sees that light.  It helps her to have Cole by her side and she gets some great advice from his grandmother.

When Cole’s grandmother enters the book, she is filled with understanding and compassion.  Rae’s therapist didn’t necessarily have that.  It is important to be able to talk to someone openly that you trust and I think the underlying message in this novel was just that.

Overall, I give this book a 4.  I would really give it a 3.5 and well, that rounds up to 4.  I teetered between a 3 and 4 but the second half of the book is solid and I was dying to see where her and Cole went.  I also had to see what happened with Kat and if Rae would grow a pair.  It’s an easy read.  If it lands on your lap it’ll pass some time.  I can’t wait to read my next Kerry Anne King book!!  Tune in next Thursday for my review of my first Little Free Library book, All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank!

Book Review: Whisper Me This

Title: Whisper Me This

Author: Kerry Anne King

Format: Amazon First Reads Kindle Edition

Published: 2018


I love, love, love, LOVE, my Amazon Prime membership benefits!  This month I selection Whisper Me This which comes out on August 1st and I am telling you, it is priced right at either $4.99 Kindle edition or $9.99 hardcover, SO PRE-ORDER NOW.  Why?  This story actually had an ENDING.  Yes, the story satisfies you with not an open ended, wishy washy ending, but, a solid, you know what happens ending.  Thank you Ms. King!!

The story starts off a little iffy where we meet this wishy-washy woman who cannot make a decision to save her life, Maisey Addington.  Next to the word indecisive in the dictionary should be a picture of this character!  She has an estranged relationship from her parents which I blame on all the pressure her mother kept putting on her to do more with her life.

We find Maisey has a child and an ex-boyfriend (aka baby daddy) and gets along amicably.  There’s not much too exciting going on until her mother falls ill and she gets a call from the police telling her she should come right away.  Her and her daughter hop on a plane and travel all night to get to her mother to see what exactly is going on.

Her father is fraught and one would think he has Alzheimer’s from his sudden, erratic behavior.  What we find out is that the noisey neighbor noticed no one was going in or out of the house for a few days so she called the police.  What they ultimately found was Maisey’s mother laying unconscious in bed with a head injury. She had been there for 3 days.  Yeah.

Her father insists that she wanted to die at home but a living will can never be producted.  When Maisey makes it home she finds her father throwing papers into a fire in the living room and immediately calls 911 thinking the whole house is on fire and here we meet Tony.  The small town hero who is there and befriends Maisey and helps her with her mother’s sudden downfall.

Enter the twist.  Going through all of her mother’s things she stumbled upon the fact that she has a twin sister, Marley.  She used to play with an imaginary friend named Marley until her mother scolded her and told her to stop.  Was she imagining things?  Did she really have a sister?  Read to find out!

This book touches on a lot of abuse.  When they find her mother and examine her they discover she has had a lot of broken bones.  They accuse her husband of abusing her but Maisey defends her father and could never imagine him hurting her.  So how did she get all of the broken bones?  Tony does his best to stay away from Maisey as he himself is haunted from an abused past as well.  Although I absolutely love and adore Tony and his family, they are truly genuine, great people.

Maisey starts to learn to stand up for herself and grows a backbone and starts to make decisions.  I love this.  She truly grows throughout the book with the help of her daughter, Elle.  I don’t think Maisey would have been able to survive her trip without her daughter.  She is done with her ex-boyfriend controlling and ruining her life (he always seems to show up when she has a date, despite the fact that he’s married with a newborn baby now).

Overall, this book earned a solid 5.  It is rare to find a book that ends on a SOLID note and this one did just that.  I would classify this book as mystery with a touch of romance, not too much.  The mystery takes the fore front and honestly, I didn’t see the twist that came at the end with Marley.  But the book ends in the future and we can get closure on what happens to everyone, yay. Tune in next Thursday for my review of I Wish You Happy by Kerry Anne King (I told you I was blown away by the writing, I had to immediately read another one of hers)!

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