Book Reviews – What’s Happening to My Body

The What’s Happening To My Body Book For Girls

The What’s Happening To My Body Book For Boys

Lynda Madaras with Area Madaras

Illustrations by Simon Sullivan

Paperback 2007


Furthering the “let’s see why these books are banned” challenge, we have the What’s Happening to My Body? books.

These books are written by a woman (with the help of her daughter) who actually teaches sexual education classes for parents and children to attend together.  These are better than any school health book, better written and easier to understand, and just as thorough.  If not more so.

The only reason these books can possibly be banned is because parents are too stupid/closeted/religious/closed minded/whatever to let their children actually understand their own bodies.  Remember, this is basically an ENCYCLOPEDIA and it lists what homosexuality is and what masturbation is (and actually says “many people do and many people don’t – it’s up to you to decide what’s right for you” and lists religion as a reason to or not to…) and because of *that* these are some of the most banned books ever.  Seriously?

That aside…these are well written, thoroughly explained, and not at all uncomfortable and creepy like our elementary school health/science classes were.

I consider it a public school fail that I learned things from these books at my age (I’m 30!), and I will buy one for each of my future children because the information in these books is Important, and the addition of text blocks from questions and experiences brought up in her classes really add to the books.


As far as rating these books, I guess there’s a niche somewhere where you wouldn’t need to know about your body (maybe if you’re 80 and don’t know anything yet it’s too late?) but for everyone else, these are a must read, and for people going into puberty, a must have.  5/5

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