Writer Wednesday – The Hobbit (companion)

THE HOBBIT: An unexpected journey: visual companion

JUDE FISHER (with JRR Tolkien and Martin Freeman)

Hardback 2012

This is a cool book.  I checked it out just prior to doing a Marathon of all three Hobbit movies (that’s 9 hours in a theatre, for those who don’t want to count it out on their own), because I wanted a little bit of a refresher.  And I think the book is awesome.

For starters, I’m a visual person and I have issues with names, so this really helped me.  When you have several characters with similar names, it’s difficult for me to sometimes name them.  But when I can look at the costume and get an understanding of their ear horns or the braids in their beards or whatever, it makes a big difference for me.

The book talks about how they did the visuals for everything from costume to entire cities.  So if you’re creative or a detail person, you’re going to like that.

With that said, the book was done in 2012, so they talked a lot about the first Hobbit movie and not so much about numbers two and three.  And there were a lot of illustrations in the book that I would have liked to see a bit larger.   It’s still pretty, don’t get me wrong, and pretty interesting, too, but I think for a visual book it lost a little now and then.

So my rating.  They still could have done more detail and I was a little underwhelmed with a couple things, but the book was a wealth of knowledge that somebody like me needed.  But I think this book plays to a very specific demographic, so you’re either going to love it or hate it.  And because of all of that, I’m going to give it a 4/5.  Look at it, but don’t buy it unless you’ve built yourself a Hobbit Hole to live in.

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