Book Review – Vampire Knight Vol 2 by Matsuri Hino

Title: Vampire Knight vol 2

Author/Illustrator:  Matsuri Hino

Format: Paperback

Written: 2005

Published: 2005

Translated: 2006

After I had read the first Vampire Knight book, I was less than enthused as I was driven mad by the repeating story line, but if you had read that review you may recall that I mentioned how the story seemed to possibly get interesting when a character was suddenly revealed as a Vampire.  I decided after a while that I would give the second book a whirl, and I’m glad I did!  There was only one story re-cap at the start of the book, each mini volume in the book just continued the story where it left off.

Now if you wish to remain spoiler free from the big reveal at the end of book one, I suggest you go ahead and skip to the last paragraph to get my rating because I am going to name who was revealed to be a vampire here as I recap the story.  After discovering that Zero was a vampire, Yuki tries to bring things back to normal between her and her friend, and yet it seems like that is not possible as they are faced with an E class Vampire who has met their end, having gone crazy with blood lust, a direction that all human turned vampires go.  This is a direction that Zero will eventually go based on this information, as he is a human turned vampire.  This adds a new level of intrigue to the story and helps to explain why at the end of volume one Zero wants Yuki to kill him if he goes too far.

Yet, this discovery is only a third of the story as we learn that Zero is a vampire hunter as well and is now being sought after by his former master, who wishes to kill him!  This is a ‘yikes’ moment, particularly when it is complicated with the fact that zero is not handling the blood tablets well.  Yuki then fights for Zero’s life and offers up her blood to him which is a forbidden act but the only way for Zero to continue and survive. I admit I love a good plot twist and this is a fun one for certain.  In addition to all this, there is a reference by Kaname, head Vampire of the night class, that Yuki is his girl.  Not only does Kaname call Yuki his but that he should be ripping Zero to shreds for drinking her blood, and he isn’t simply so he doesn’t lose Yuki.  Can we call this a future plot point and twist?  Yes we can, and I’m looking forward to it!

Over all, I’m glad I stuck it out with the second Vampire Knight manga because I may have finally found a series that caters to my style and is something I will enjoy. So if you can get over the boring first book, or have no problem skipping it, volume 2 is very much worth your time and I would have to give this one a 4 out of 5 pages which is a rating I seem to rarely give for a manga!

Book Review: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino

Title: Vampire Knight

Author/Illustrator: Matsuri Hino

Written: 2005

Published: 2005

It was long ago that a college friend of mine recommended Vampire Knight to me.  I was curious as I admit that I am part of that massive influx of interest in Vampires but I promise you, they do not sparkle…EVER!  Anyway, going into the book I know more of the plot than the first book reveals.  It is a decent book with a unique premise where normal students go to school during the day and Vampires go to the same school at night.  I like the idea but I don’t like how almost every five pages the basic premise of the manga is told to me or mentioned in conversation.  I have to get through the first three chapters of the book to finally stop hearing about the same plot premise.  This is the plot, Yuki is on the disciplinary committee keeping the normal people from the vampires as there is a war between them.  The normal people don’t know that the night class is comprised of Vampires.

Once you get past the review of the main plot arch of the story, things starts to finally pick up and holds a bit of a twist.  I won’t spoil the plot twists but it wasn’t bad.  The other thing that was interesting about the book was the side notes by the author.  They were interesting to read but distracting from the story.  Matsuri was a comedic writer to begin with and it is very clear to tell that she was from that genre as it seems to me that she is fighting the comedic nature she is used to, to produce a serious type graphic novel.   I know my opinion of the manga is coming across as very negative but really once you get through the introduction the book is decent and I would give it a three page rating. Whether or not I’ll read any more from the series is left to question I guess I will if I’m bored and can’t think of something to read.

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