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Welcome to Susanna Beard’s The Truth Waits blog tour!! Book In The Bag is proud to be a stop along the way!


Let’s get right down into it, tell us who you are and what you usually write about.

I’m Susanna Beard, and I write psychological thrillers.


The Truth Waits was just released on November 1, 2018. What research did you do to write your latest thriller?

The story is partly set in Lithuania, where my character sources products for her online linen business. I already knew that the country was known for textile production, so that’s one of the reasons it’s set there – but I also wanted to find a deserted beach where the weather was harsh, in which to set the key incident in the story. Researching online, I found a fabulous unspoilt beach on the Baltic coast, a place called the Kuronian Spit, and I travelled there to see what it was really like. Then I took a train across the country to visit the capital, Vilnius, which features in the book, and was able to get a good impression of the place and the people.

I also met the attaché at the Lithuanian Embassy in London, who was extremely helpful and answered all my ignorant questions about the country!

Regarding the theme of sex trafficking and the police, most of my research was carried out online, though I was helped by various people who knew Belarus well and who had come across sex trafficking in the area.


What (if anything) did you edit out of the book?

A lot! Quite a few things changed from first draft to final manuscript, with around ten drafts in between! I can’t give you details without giving too much away…


What is the main thing you want readers to take away from The Truth Waits?

The overarching message of the book is that the truth has a way of getting out, however much you try to hide it.


What is something that your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve done a few surprising things: I’ve swum with whalesharks (the biggest fish in the world) in Australia (fabulous); I’ve walked through the sewers in Brighton (fascinating); and I’ve fallen into a crevasse in France (and climbed out uninjured!). And I used to get panic attacks in big groups of people. I seem to have overcome that now!


What made you become a writer and what about the writing life do you think is misunderstood by the public?

I’ve wanted to write novels since I was a teenager. I got the reading bug early – I was always in the library and read voraciously – and losing myself in a book was my favourite occupation. Writing has always been an important part of my working life, though writing fiction is relatively new to me.

People read novels without realising the huge amount of work – and very often heartbreak and soul-searching – that’s gone into them. That used to be me, so I understand why, and as an author, it’s wonderful that the effort is rewarded by readers enjoying your work. But we’re not all making millions, by any means, and the price of a book is low considering the work that goes into it: I don’t think people understand that.


Are you a plotter or pantster?

Nowadays, I’m a plotter, but not to the nth degree. I do an outline; I know the beginning and the end, and some of the points in between, and I do biographies of my characters in advance. It’s great to have a plan to refer back to when I start to go off-piste!


What is the biggest mistake that you’ve learned not to make while writing?

Don’t start editing before you’ve finished! Get that first draft done – then you have something to work on.


What is the last book you finished reading? What did you think?

The Silence of the Girls, by Pat Barker. Not my usual choice, but I do read widely. I really enjoyed it – it’s a brilliant retelling of The Iliad from the point of view of Briseis, a girl awarded to Achilles as a slave when her town is destroyed. There’s a clear feminist message to the story; it’s brutal and realistic and has many modern echoes.


What other hats do you wear besides the writer hat?

A marketing one! I still manage the PR for a handful of clients, which is varied and enjoyable. And I’m now running workshops for would-be writers.


Are there any URLs or social media accounts you would like to share?

My website is; I’m @susannabeard25 on Twitter and @susannabeardauthor on Facebook

For the workshops, the website is


Thank you so much for the stop on the blog tour again!  Make sure you go out and get your copy of #TheTruthWaits today! Trust me, it’s a great read! Don’t forget to follow Susanna on her social media accounts! Until next time…have a great read!


Book Review: The Perfect Couple

Title: The Perfect Couple

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

Format: Hardcover

Published: 2018



This book landed on my lap thanks to a co-worker at work.  Her exact words to me were, “Do you want to read a book about a wedding where the maid of honor ends up dead on the day of the wedding?”  How can you say no to that?!

It is extremely difficult to be reading a book that someone else has read and you see them every day.  Each day I would walk in to her office and make some crazy exclamation and she would laugh.  When I finished the book, I walked in to her office and went, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! REALLY?” and all she could do was say that was why she kept her mouth shut and just laughed at me each time.

This book had some great twists and turns.  Just when I thought it was going one way, and I was convinced I knew who did it, something else would happen and I would think something else.  I truly never guessed the ending.  I was never remotely even close to thinking it.

So let’s delve in to the meat of the story shall we?  Celeste Otis, plain Jane, college educated, modest living girl is engaged to be married to Benji Winbury, trust fund baby, silver spoon fed, wealthy man on Nantucket Island.  Celeste has allowed Benji’s mother, acclaimed author and trust fund baby herself, to plan the entire wedding.  As the wedding fast approaches she starts to develop a stutter that is attributed to stress.

Celeste’s mother is battling cancer and does not have very long to live so Celeste is adamant on being married soon so her mother can be there.  On the morning of the wedding Celeste discovers her only true friend, her best friend, and maid of honor, floating in the water on the shoreline.  The wedding is cancelled and a full-on investigation is launched.

The book takes us on twists and turns and we get to see how the romance started between Celeste and Benji.  The Winbury family also has some dark secrets that start to come out of the woodwork.  Just because you seemingly have it all does not mean you have it all together.  This set of issues the family has are none that I would want if that is what came with having all the money in the world.

I am giving this book 5 stars simply for the fact that I could not put this book down.  It captivated me and had me intrigued at what was happening.  I had fun coming up with some pretty elaborate theories of whodunit throughout reading this book.  I was satisfied with how Hilderbrand chose to end this book and even happier that we find out exactly how the maid of honor died.  There was no assuming of how her circumstances came to be and for that, I applaud Hilderbrand.  Tune in next week for my review of The Diagnosis Is Murder by Steven Gossington!

Book Review: Wynn In Doubt

Title: Wynn In Doubt

Author: Emily Hemmer

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: 2015

I picked this book up from the Amazon Prime reading library and I could NOT put this book down.  I had to restrain myself from staying up until 2am finishing this book in one sitting.  I have not had a book hook me in like this in awhile!  The book starts off with this quote from the author, “I hope you enjoy reading this book. I hope it inspires you to not take life for granted but to go out and seek what makes you happy, no matter your age or situation,” and let me tell you, IT DID.

We meet Wynn Jeffries and hear about her last few days as a high school student.  She always had a thing for Oliver, except he was the popular boy and she was a self-proclaimed nerd.  But here is every girl’s high school dream; Oliver kisses Wynn in the parking lot after one of the final days of high school.  Now we flash forward to 10 years later.

Wynn is a bartender who daydreams about a better life.  Anytime she has an inkling to go out and see the world, her family needs her and she must stay back.  She has never truly been happy and has not been doing anything for herself.  We also find out that Oliver has made it to stardom and is in a very successful band.  Yes, she is still obsessed with him and still madly in love with him.

Oliver decides he needs a break and comes back to his hometown and gets a job at the same bar that Wynn works at.  Things begin as awkward between the two of them and then they hit it off.  I was giddy with excitement to see where this relationship may go!

Wynn’s family life is a little crazy.  She has two sisters who are both very overwhelming.  Their grandmother dies and one sister has labeled “all the good things” as they go through her house cleaning it out to sell.  They come across a big box of books and give it to Wynn because again, she is the self-proclaimed nerd and is the only one ho would do something productive with them.

She begins to read a book and a newspaper clipping falls out.  It tells of the arrest of a bootlegger and a lady friend.  Wynn brings this up to her mother after she feels the name of the woman is too familiar to her.  We find out it is her grandmother’s mother, Lola.

The twist is that they were told her grandmother’s mother died when she was young.  Wynn’s mother insists this is still the case until Wynn pushes her to the point of no return.  We find out that she just up and left one day and Wynn’s grandmother never spoke of it.  Wynn’s mother wishes Wynn would drop it but Wynn has so many unanswered questions she needs to find answers to.  Lola appeals to Wynn and she feels like a part of Lola is within herself and she needs to finally go on a journey for herself, to make her happy, despite her mother crying and pleading with her not to.  You go girl.

Oliver takes Wynn on a roadtrip to where Lola was last known to have lived.  They do not find out that much but Wynn does discover an old journal of hers.  The adventure that Oliver and Wynn take is so sweet and loving, it just gave me all the feels.  I am so happy that Wynn chose to make herself happy for once.  The book is so inspiring and is a reminder that we all should live our happiest lives.  I would go on but then I would ruin the book for you and I want you to go out and read this one, NOW!

This book gets a 5 out of 5 from me.  I loved the hint of romance and the adventure that Wynn lets her gyspy soul go on.  I especially LOVED the ending, although I will admit, the author had me on pins and needles thinking it was going to all fall apart.  I will leave with you short excerpt from the end of the book, “To not give up on what I want for my life, even if it means risking my heart. And, most importantly, that realizing our dreams is only part of what makes us whole. We need people to root for us. We need to be able to come home again.”  Just trust me when I tell you this is a must read!  Comment and let me know if you read this book or plan on it!  Next week I will be reviewing Luger Rounds by William Lynes, MD, catch you next Thursday!

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