Book Review – Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Title: The Lightning Thief

Author: Rick Riordan

Format: Paperback

Published: 2005


I had heard things about the Percy Jackson series in the past and I admit I’d been curious for some time particularly when the whole bug-a-boo came down about Christopher Columbus directing the first film just like he did for Harry Potter films.  Why people were upset by this I don’t know but then again the internet is a weird place to be honest.  Anyway it wasn’t too long ago that I took the time to read the book, but failed to review it.  I admit the first time I read the book and I enjoyed it fairly well.


Having read the book I stumble upon the movie and decided why not?  Now I will be first to say that I do not ever expect the movie to be the living book I expect changes and tweaks along the road but when I saw the movie I cannot express how many times I was ready to throw my remote across the room, and how many times I stopped the DVD, because I was that frustrated I skipped parts just to see how much they mucked other things and if they could accomplish a few basic facts of the book and by basic facts I’m not meaning Annabeth’s hair is supposed to be blond but was rather brown (I can live with that.)  No I’m talking the actual quest they went on, how the flying shoes were used (which is a major plot point) and what actually happens in the underworld which is where the characters go on their quest.  I will start off with saying that the movie got it wrong to the point that they eliminated the major villain of the entire series in this movie; because of this I don’t know how they managed a second movie.


Anyway instead of ranting on the movie I’ll focus on the book which is about a middle school boy in 6th grade who is dyslexic, and has ADHD and is in a school for troubled students because of this and because every school he goes to he gets kicked out.  He is proud of the fact that he was almost to the end of the year and hadn’t been kicked out when he goes on a field trip that is always trouble to a museum with Greek artwork and statues.  From there he gets in trouble with a nasty piece of work teacher Mrs. Dodds who turns into a Fury and attacks him.


From there Percy gradually learns that he is in mortal danger and is a half-blood, a demi-god, a hero and he is being blamed for stealing Zues’ master bolt.  He discovered to which god sired him and he is then thrown into a rather dangerous quest to go the underworld where it is believed that the master bolt is being held.


I don’t want to give spoilers but the story has a lot of adventure and some rather good twists through out it and it just keeps with a nice even pace.  Over all I thoroughly enjoyed the book even with it being my second read through and I am sure I’ll enjoy re-reading the second in the series and then finishing out the series I find Rick Riordan’s writing to be easy to read and enjoyable and very age appropriate for a middle grade student to read.


Over all I would give the book a 4 out of 5 stars simply for the ease of getting lost in the writing style and story that is being presented.  I find the tale to be very well told and I advise to never touch the movie, particularly if you like Greek Mythology.  The story takes place during the summer and the characters go to the underworld, in the movie Persephone is present in the underworld.  If  you know any of your Greek Mythology then you know how wrong and problematic that is!  (Particularly when the book notates her lack of presence and why.)  Long story short, read the book don’t watch the movie.

Book Review – Thor God of Thunder

Title: Thor God of Thunder

Author: Jason Aaron

Artist: Esad Ribic

Format: Paperback

Publication:  2013


This book came to me on an off day when I was a little bored.  My Co-worker got a few new comics in and there was Thor God of Thunder sitting on his desk looking all shiny and pretty.  It just called out my name saying Read me!  Now I’m normally not a Thor fan the movies is the base of my knowledge of this super hero and I wasn’t that wild about the movies – to me the point of the movies is Loki.  Yes I am something of a Tom Hiddleston fan – I can’t help it!  Any way I still picked up the book curious and got sucked in rather quickly.


The story of Thor here is well crafted it is telling telling one story that arches over Thor’s entire life time.  It starts with a very young Thor who is visiting ancient Norse Vickings.  He is cocky and full of himself as ever and is faced with a rather intriguing foe that changes his view on life to some degree as he was almost defeated.  While this story is told in parts we are given flashes of the present day Thor that we know and are familiar with one that is part of the Avengers in some way and is in present day earth realizing that there was more to his past chance encounter and there is something much darker and sinister going on that there is something going about killing and destroying all the gods of all the worlds.  This is where it really gets intriguing.


Of course, this story is all told in chunks and also shows a future Thor known as Old Man Thor who is beaten down most everyone is gone and lost and he’s trying to defeat and unbeatable foe who simply won’t just end things.  Old Man Thor though in a sad situation is kind of fun and super awesome and tough.  The story though in bites and moving from time point to time point in Thor’s life is well told and gives you enough to keep you going and it simply just masterfully crafted for a three for one store about one person at different points in time.


Over all this book was fantastic and I have been clamoring for the continuation which I am finally going to be able to read here soon and I can’t wait!  Over all I would give this comic a 5 out of 5 pages as it was simply that good and even if you are new to Thor this is a good start you aren’t left lost and wondering at all.

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