Book Review – Red Robin: Collision by Christ Yost, Marcus To, and Ray McCarthy

Title:  Red Robin: Collision

Author/Illustrator: Chris Yost, Marcus To and Ray McCarthy

Format:  Paperback

Publication: 2010


After reading Red Robin: The Grail it is no question that I would have to read the continuation of the story.  It was a good story but not as good as the first half.  I admit that this book is where my friend deviates and that is okay even if I love my friend’s reinterpretation of what would happen to Tim.  Still the story was good all the same and I enjoyed it just not as much as The Grail.  I think it threw me off because there was the incorporation of a lot of characters that I was less familiar with and in the middle of the story was an insertion of Bat Girl 8.  It made sense to have that issue of Bat girl as it fit right in with the story but at the same time it wasn’t my cup of tea Bat Girl simply does not hold my attention as well as Tim Drake as Red Robin does.  I also feel with Bat Girl a bit of back story would have helped this issue of Bat Girl come more to life.  These things don’t break the book but they certainly detracted something for me.


All the same the art work for this book was amazing and I did still love the story.  I do strongly recommend that if you want to read this book to read The Grail first before picking this one up and maybe even pick up the appropriate bat girl.  Maybe even pick up a few issues of Batman with Tim Drake as Robin as this story called a whole lot more back story than the last one did.  It was still easy enough to follow as  my friend talked about the back stories with me a bit but it was still difficult at times.


Despite my issues with this book, I did find there were a few more laughable moments where I was having to curb my laughter as I was in a public setting when reading and for those alone in some respects make the book a worthy read.  I think my favorite moment was  page 120 at the bottom “Holy crap” the expression drawn on Tim’s face was priceless to me.  Though I didn’t find the book to be as good as The Grail I will still give this book a 4 out of 5 page review.

Book Review – Red Robin: The Grail by Chris Yost and Ramon Bachs

Title:  Red Robin: The Grail

Author/Illustrator:  Chris Yost and Ramon Bachs

Format: Paperback

Publication: 2009

When approaching this comic I admit that I was rather excited.  I have a dear friend who likes to write fan fiction and it was this comic book that inspired her wonderful work, which I am still hounding her to finish.  I will start off by admitting that I sometimes like stories with a darker edge, and this is no doubt a darker story, which I love.

The main premise of this story is that Batman has died and Dick is the new Batman.  Tim believes that Batman is still alive and is looking for proof of that.  This follows Tim’s adventures as Red Robin as he looks for proof that Bruce Wayne is still alive.  As he goes searching he finds himself compromising in ways he never thought he would and is going down an ever slippery slope as he compromises more and more.  In the end he ends up involved with Ra’s Al Goul.  It is a powerful story that makes not be able to do anything but love Tim.

Having read my friend’s story pertaining to this set of comics I was familiar with some character names and what happened in this story but I was not disappointed in the least and I was finding myself sitting on the edge of my seat and wanting to read more.  I certainly felt the emotions that were supposed to be felt at various points in the story and I loved every minute of it.  I am looking forward to getting my hands on the continuation of this story as well as some back issues of other comics that helped to set this story up.  It is easy to say that I have fallen in love with this story arch and I would certainly recommend it to other people.  Really in some ways I feel that this is a decent launching platform into Batman comics so to speak as long as you are okay kind of jumping mid story.  This comic give you a lot of back story and the only thing I felt I was missing was knowing who some characters were as who Stephanie was in her vigilante form and being familiar with the Teen Titans but at the same time I don’t feel that it detracted from the story too much.  Really I would give this comic book a rating of 4 out of 5 pages.

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