Book Review – Alice in the Country of Hearts – My Fantastic Rabbit vol 2

Title: Alice in the Country of Hearts – My Fantastic Rabbit vol. 2

Author: QuinRose

Illustrator: Delico Psyche

Format: Paperback

Published: 2013


So the Alice obsession continues and it is official between this book and the other books I have read some of them already reviewed others I have not reviewed yet, my favorite pairing from the series has changed.  Boris was my favorite with Alice but that has dwindled as I read through the Cheshire Cat Waltz.  As I’ve stated with other books with Eliot he has grown to become a very strong favorite.  This book as sealed things for me and Alice and Eliot is my favorite couple from the series.  While Eliot is rough on the edges and a hit man and number two in the mafia he has a sweet side that is adorable.


This book had me from the start as we learn more about Eliot that I had never known such as how he had purposefully broken a clock of his best friend so they couldn’t be replaced. The story goes on and Alice determines to go home so as not to hurt Eliot as she thought she had and she felt bad for leaving her sister.  What happens as she follows this path is both shocking and had me on the edge of my seat and almost ready to cry.  I will not state what happened because that is way too big of a reveal to spoil in any way, but it made the book a must read for me.  It was very well done and had the perfect ending.


I really feel that this book is a 5 out of 5 pages that was how much I enjoyed the story, and I encourage you that once you have a feel for the world which you might have from reading a number of my reviews you can delve into My Fantastic Rabbit volume 1 and follow it up with this volume which was absolutely superb.

Book Review – Alice in the country of Diamonds Wonderful Wonder World Official Visual Fan Book

Title: Alice in the country of Diamonds Wonderful Wonder World Official Visual Fan Book

Author: QuinRose

Illustrator: Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Format: Paperback

Published: 2014


After reading through Bet on My Heart I was absolutely in love with Alice in the country of Diamonds I had to know, if there were other novels.  My obsession with this manga had increased because of that book.  I saw that the library was getting this book in and I jumped on it without question.  I got the book just before a slow day at work and every spare minute was devoted to this book as it was amazing.


This was more of an art book rather than a story or a novel but it was amazing full color art work when most of my manga is in black and white.  The art work was gorgeous.  I loved every second of it looking at all the pictures.  In addition to the amazing pictures that made me want to book just for that there were detailed  character bios where I learned more about the characters in detail and saw more about their outfits than I had ever known or noticed.


Of course that wasn’t all when it came to the book,  it also went through every possible outcome of this particular game.  What paths and ends you could achieve.  It was amazing because this was the closest I could get to playing the game as it has not jumped the language barrier yet.  It was so interesting to see the different turns the story could take for the Country of Diamonds it made me adore the new characters such as Jerhico Bermuda (the Dodo bird) and Sydney Black, characters I only got to know in small ways in the first book. Not only that but with this book, I learned that there are deeper levels to the game and world as well.

In addition to all of that the book also came with two bonus manga chapters.  I got half way through the book and had to flip to the end to start reading the manga.  It was a real treat and a joy to be honest.  I was glad that they kept with classic manga with the bonus chapters.  The first chapter was a story about Sydney Black and it was overly sweet and cute – I find that Sydney is a charming and endearing character who works well with Alice, though I wouldn’t say that he is my favorite to be with Alice.


The other chapter plays off of a spoiler for one of the end games with the Blood Twins as her chosen romance.  This was the most powerful and very well done.  To explain how amazing it was I would have to spoil one of the possible ends.  So if you don’t wish to be spoiled skip to the next paragraph and you’ll be safe. In one of the possible ends Alice is killed and she is left dying by heartless twins who remark how they are bored and ready to go play at the park and Alice’s life ebbs away as she wishes for the twins to return not the present ones who are walking away but the ones that she loves and misses.  It continues from that point where the twins realize they miss her and then Alice wakes up and is meeting the twins for the first time and they are all crying and they don’t know why as this is their first meeting.  The best part is when there is a possible fight the twins look to Alice and say we won’t let you down this time, and wonder why they said that.  The way it is written and drawn just pulls at the heart strings and makes me love the book all the more.


Over all, I would give this book a 5 pages out of 5  particularly if you are an Alice Fan like I am.  I would try to rank it for those who are not fans but I don’t think I can.  It is hard to say where this would rank for a person who doesn’t enjoy the series like I do.

Book Review – Alice in the Country of Clover Cheshire Cat Waltz 2

Title: Alice in the Country of Clover Cheshire Cat Waltz 2

Authors: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Format: Paperback

Published:  2012


As I warned in a previous review that comics and manga will be the theme for a while, and this month will be brought to you by the “Alice in the country of XX” series as there have been a lot of releases and I’m way behind the library was well stocked.  Back at the start I reviewed a few books from the main series “Alice in the country of Hearts”  Rachel has also reviewed a few of them as well.   Any way the manga is based off of a love story game that is based on the concept of Alice in Wonderland.  The first game and first set of Manga is Alice in the Country of Hearts – at least that is how it is known in English.  In Japanese is it known as “Alice no heart no kuni”.  There are sequels to the game known as Alice in the country of the Clover and Alice in the country of Joker.  Each manga sort of stands separate from the others unless it is a series like Cheshire Cat Waltz Vol. 2.  To read any of these books you sort of have to dismiss what you read before and take what you have before you and run with it.  Really that is sort of the point, Alice in Wonderland was madness and so are these stories only people use guns and things are a little more heated in some ways.

Every story gives you an introduction to the world stating what the manga is based off of and where she has been staying as of late to give you a bit of a running start when you dive into the story.  Also the start of these manga many times tells of how Alice came to the Country that she is in and the rules of the country such as the time of day jumping at random.  This story is the second in a series I started long ago but it was easy to pick up as it gave me where things left off in the last manga and I was able to move forward and enjoy the story.


I will admit from the start that I have been and continue to be a fan of Boris.  It is true that all the residents of Wonder Land are a bit mad but I think the most together is Boris the Cheshire Cat.  Which is really odd to think about and say that the Cheshire Cat might be the most sane of the lot but in this series I think it might be so.  Any way this story picks up with the after effects of Alice pushing Boris away because she felt that he was moving too fast for her.  The story picks up from there with Boris deciding that instead of pushing he’d pull by keeping away from her.  A good portion of the story is focused on this while the rest of it is focused on the after effects of the plan.


To spoil the story a bit Boris’ plan works and they end up together but really that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering the basis these comics come from.  The fun is in the details and how things play out and that I really enjoyed and won’t bore you with as it is better to read than to be told about.  Overall, I would give this book a 4 out of 5 page review.  If you like something like this read it, if not it’s okay.

Book Review – Assassin’s Creed Renaissance by Oliver Bowden

Title:  Assassin’s Creed Renaissance

Author: Oliver Bowden

Format:  Paperback

Published:  2009


I think my favorite part of any form of media is the story.  The point of most anything for me is the story.  I live and breathe stories.  I grew up being told them as a little girl reading books, having books read to me and even going so far as to tell and create my own.  With my love of the craft and a good story it was no surprise that I have found myself caught up in other story telling media such as comics which you have seen me review, as well as television series and movies (which I have not exactly reviewed at this point).  I love a good story in pretty much any form of medium and that includes video games.  I am one of those few people that play video games almost solely for the story alone.  One of the best stories I came across in the world of video games was that from Assassin’s Creed.


Of course there is more to a video game than just story and the game play was fun to me and I loved exploring the ancient worlds of old playing as an assassin stopping those who would seek to do evil and sail above the city and sneak around unseen.  It was a game that has left a lasting impression on me and none more than the story and character of Ezio Auditorie Da Firenze featured in Assassin’s Creed 2.  I ate the story up and went out and got the rest of his story in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed Revelations.  I love the games and have played them through multiple times.  Thus with my love for the story and the characters it should come as no surprise that when I learned that there were books to be read about one of my favorite characters that pass that up.


Without hesitation I went ahead and bought the first book in the series and I loved it, plain and simple, it was like playing the video game all over again only better.  For those not familiar with the video game or story of Ezio it is about a young man in the renaissance period of Italy.  Life for Ezio can’t be better at the start of the story, he is getting rather close and comfortable with one of the more beautiful women in Firenze, Christina Vespucci (cousin to Amerigo Vespucci) and his biggest concern is a local prick named Vieri Pazzi and his gang of ruffians but nothing that Ezio can’t handle and all part of him being young and getting into trouble.  Yet minor trouble wasn’t all that was in store for Ezio as his life is suddenly turned upside down when his father and brothers were arrested and then hung for crimes they did not commit.  Not to mention the price on his own head for the same crimes.  Ezio has to learn quickly how to survive and take care of his mother and sister.  Additionally he seeks out revenge against the man who set him and his family up, learning that there was more to his father’s life than it would seem, his father was part of an Assassin order and he learns how to complete the work of his father all the while avenging the death of those he loved as their deaths were part of a greater conspiracy.


It is a really good story and I love how the books gave more details to the story, it didn’t gloss over time and it gave a sense of reality to Ezio’s training (which I appreciated), it showed how something that took a few minutes in the game actually took days to accomplish, it gave added details, it breathed additional life into Ezio and the characters around him.  Additionally in incorporated some of the added games that are out there for gaming platforms I don’t own so I know the story of what happened to Ezio during the years that are skipped in the video game.  In short this book was a real treat for me to read and I quickly picked up the next books to read and now have them in my bag waiting to be read much like several other books that are on my e-reader, in my bag along with it, in my desk drawer and on my book shelf.  What can I say? I’m an addict to a good story, but find my time limited to actually read, watch or play said stories and then of course write a review.  (This one has been a long time in the coming for me to write it.) Over all I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars as it is a good read and fun to go through if you like action and you don’t have to know the game to enjoy the book.

Book Review – Alice in the Country of Clover: Bloody Twins by Quin Rose

Title: Alice in the Country of Clover: Bloody Twins

Author: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Format: Paperback

Published: 2009

Translated: 2012


Alice in the Country of Hearts is a manga based on a video game that was released in Japan.  Alice in the Country of Clover is the sequel to the game and additionally the sequel to the series thought the first series is far from over, the sequel still came out and doesn’t blow too much of the plot.  When you open the book there is a lot of fantastic background information that states how Alice chose to stay in wonderland despite not falling in love.  Though the background information was good it was confusing a bit as there was a teaser page which is common for manga, then there was a synopsis given in the form of a story followed by a character fact sheet then another synopsis followed by another character fact sheet, which was confusing but once the story started it was quite good.


This book focuses on Alice and the Blood twins Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  These characters never really stood out as possible romantic interests for Alice because they were children and this is brought up in the book but all of sudden the boys have the ability to grow up and the romance ensues as both boys are smitten with Alice.  It is an interesting story as Alice adjusts to the changes in the Country of Clover which is similar yet very different to the Country of Hearts.


As the story progresses Alice has realized that she does love the twins but frets over those feelings much like a young girl would and how she can’t really pick between the two that problem is solved within the story and as much as I hate to blow the plot, it turns out that Alice doesn’t have to choose and can have both boys.  I share this because I know some people have issues with this concept and I fell that you should have a fair warning in that aspect.


Thought I enjoyed reading the book, another confusing aspect was a matter that the book also has a couple of one shots incorporated into the book as well and these one shots are a matter of giving you a different situation of Alice picking people other than the Blood Twins.  We don’t get to see every character that she can choose to be with but each one shot was interesting to read though a bit rushed and not as good as the story with the twins in my opinion.


Over all, I enjoyed reading the book and would give it a three and a half page rating and that is mainly for the story rather than the format of the book.  Aside from the format of the book I wasn’t as fond of the drawing of a few of the characters but still the drawing was done quite well and I couldn’t complain too much as it was easy to recognize characters from the previous series at a glance.

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