Book Review: Luger Rounds

Title: Luger Rounds

Author: William Lynes, MD

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: 2012


I received this book for free through Voracious Reader’s Only.  If you have not had a chance to join some of the e-book groups I have previously blogged about it, you are missing out!!

So what is a luger round?  It is essentially a term used by medical professionals which means they are keeping alive someone who should be dead.  It is seen as a negative, heartless term in the medical field and our friend Dr. Phillip Thomas has been put into this state intentionally.

Who did this?  Why?  Eventually you will find out how Dr. Thomas got to his state through morphine induced dreams or flash backs.  We start back at the beginning of his six year residency program at the hospital up until today, the end of his six year residency, in the ICU.

What I found most interesting was the fact that I have always wondered what it would be like to be in a vegetable state but be able to hear and understand everything around you.  This book delivers just that.  Dr. Thomas is able to understand everything going on around him, feel all the pain, but, cannot control his body at all.

There is a LOT of medical terminology.  This book was penned by a real-life doctor and you can tell.  Thankfully the understanding of medical terms is not necessary for this book.  I did find myself skimming over some parts of the book that were not important as the medical parts flew over my head.  If you have a medical background and love mysteries, this is an above and beyond 5 star book for you.

Overall I give this book a 4.  I lean more towards a 3.5 but if you round up, you get a 4 so that’s where we’ll stay.  This was an absorbing mystery that lead us to a sudden, open ending.  I am typically not a fan of open endings where you can really think of what happens on your own, but, upon reflecting after reading this book, it fits.  Next week I will be reviewing my Amazon First Reads pick, The Thinnest Air by Minka Kent.  See you next Thursday!


Book Review: New Detroit

Title: New Detroit

Author: Gerard de Marigny

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: 2017

I received this book for free from Gerard de Marigny through Voracious Readers’ Only and I am glad I selected this book!  Talk about an action packed adventure!

This is book 6 in the Cris De Niro series and I was a little concerned about that when I first started reading.  Have no fear everyone, I was able to follow along with everything and I do not feel I missed out on anything by not reading the first 5 books (but now I want to)!

Cris De Niro runs The Watchman Agency which is an anti-terrorism group, based out of Las Vegas.  He is being pitched an idea to turn an area of Detroit into “New Detroit” and create a master planned community to turn the city around.  I had to chuckle at the description the author gives of a master planned community as he highlights how Las Vegas has a few.  He really described them better than they truly are, just a regular community!  Suddenly, their meeting gets interrupted.

The man behind the idea of New Detroit is the brother of the Vice President of The Watchman Agency.  The man that bursts into the meeting is his old friend from the ‘hood, a former drug dealer.  His son has been murdered (beheaded as the picture in his hand tells us) and he needs answers.

There is an isolated, desolate area of Detroit where this book takes place.  Every business has folded and the buildings are dilapidated and falling down.  The only thing in the area is a Muslim mosque.  We meet the White Widow and learn all about how she recruited members so she could pull off a horrific and grotesque mass murder.  Will she pull it off?  Will The Watchman Agency even discover her plan while trying to solve a murder?  I would love to go into more details but then I would take the fun out of you reading this book for yourself!

There was action on every page.  I could not believe how much action there was throughout the book.  It was non-stop.  Just when you think the problem is going to be solved the book creates a new problem out of that one being solved.  The flow of this book was phenomenal. This book was just written so well!  I also LOVED the ending; it ends on an upbeat, heartfelt note.

Overall, I give this book a solid 4.  I really appreciated the small details in this book that most people would not realize were true.  At one point in time The Watchman Agency staff are eating donuts from a new donut shop that opened on Green Valley Parkway in Vegas.  Guess what, in 2017 a new donut shop (Donut Mania) opened on Green Valley Parkway.  It was a neat detail that not many would know was true!  Next week I will be reviewing an advance copy of A Marriage In Dog Years by Nancy Balbirer thanks to Amazon First Reads!  Catch you next Thursday!



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