Book Reivew – Alice in the Country of Clover March Hare by QuinRose

Title: Alice in the Country of Clover March Hare

Authors: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Soyogo Iwaki

Format: Paperback

Published:  2014

So it is half way through November now and I am sure you are sick and tired of Alice reviews.  I know I’m sick of writing them though I’m not sick of reading them.  Yes, I enjoy them that much.  Any way I promise this will be the last one for a while.  It’s not the last of the comic/manga genera but it is the last Alice story for now.  I’ll promise for the reminder of the year no more Alice from me.


Anyway this story if focused of course on the March Hare also known as Eliot.  He has always been a fun and awkward character he is number 2 in the mafia and very loyal to Blood Dupre who is the head of the mafia.  He’s a very focused individual of doing his job well which includes shoot first ask questions later though there are no questions as all are dead, but still Eliot has always been a bit of an awkward bunny.  I’ve found him to be cute at times with his obsession with carrot anything and I love that Alice usually wants nothing more than to squeeze his ears (something that she does not want to do with Peter White the other rabbit in the series.


Anyway with just how awkward and cute Eliot is, the same is true of the relationship as Eliot is unsure of himself and how things are with Alice and she is equally unsure and they sort of dance around each other in the story.  Of course Eliot loves Alice and protects her no matter what and Alice eventually realizes her feelings for him and book is just a ball of cuteness peppered with gun fights and jealousy from the other characters that also love Alice.  Over all it is a classic Alice/QuinRose story and I overall enjoyed it particularly the end.


With this review I believe outside of Boris, I find the mafia family to be the most interesting and fascinating characters of the series and I think on the whole I will enjoy most books that focuses’ Alice living there and being with them.  Over all I think I’ll give this book a solid and strong 3 pages out of 4 saying that it wasn’t bad, but it was good but not overly remarkable either.  It is a good light read to pass some of the time.


Book Review – Alice in the Country of Clover Nightmare by QuinRose

Title: Alice in the Country of Clover Nightmare

Authors: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Job

Format: Paperback

Published:  2014


Yes, back to back Nightmare stories.  After reading the Country of Joker story with Nightmare I was all for picking up a story that happened earlier so to speak.  The drawings are still a little odd and get more and more odd as you delve into the book and hit the bonus stories.  But the story was still decent and I liked the main story even if it was short.  It was rather cute and funny.


In this story, Alice advises Nightmare to take a new kind of medicine that tastes good as Nightmare refuses to take poor tasting medicine for his health and it cures him of his ails but inhibits him from reading thoughts and cause him to be rather focused on work which was something he was loath to do.  Some of the comedic moments in this story are great and enjoyable.  Yet before the end Nightmare shows more of his swoon worthiness as he takes on a whole group of bad guys by jumping in and out of dreams and just being handsome and amazing as he is spurred to great things for Alice to keep her safe and alive.  This simple act alone make my heart melt and goes to prove that I am a bit of a girly girl.


The side stories I will admit I don’t remember well and did not like because of the art.  The art in the main story was off from what I was used to but it wasn’t so bad to distract from the story the later art that tells a story of Ace, Peter White and Alice and then one of Alice and the Bloody Twins was soo off that I only remember the art and not so much the story.


Aside from the main story which I enjoyed and found enjoyable I think my favorite part of the book are the bonus strips as they very much made me giggle.  There is one on the inside cover, one at the end of the main story, that happens just after it and the one on the back cover.  They are cute comedic and show a lighter side of Nightmare that makes me adore him more beyond his swoon worthiness.


For the Nightmare story that was maybe ½ of the book itself I would give it a 4 out of 5 page review (and this includes the bonus strips as they are Nightmare centric.  But the book as a whole loses a whole page making it a 3 out of 5 page book for the poor art work and about ¼ of the book being a preview for a new manga series.

Book Review – Alice in the Country of Joker The Nightmare Trilogy ~Dream Before Dawn~

Title: Alice in the Country of Joker The Nightmare Trilogy ~Dream Before Dawn~

Authors: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Job

Format: Paperback

Published:  2014


Though Nightmare has appeared in various Manga’s that I have read and reviewed already this particular book was my first introduction to Nightmare the character.  I admit when he was first described to me I wasn’t sure about him as a romantic character as he is rather sickly and coughs up blood. I also wasn’t sure about the whole thing of him reading thoughts as it got confusing at first what were thoughts and what was spoke aloud.  Eventually it gets figured out and Nightmare comes into his own in this story as he tries to prove himself as not as pathetic as he appears to be.

They go on a survival scavenger hunt where Alice has to take better care of Nightmare than he does of her at the start but eventually when things get dire Nightmare is perfection and practically swoon worthy in my books.  Then of course there is the fact that he can play the violin very well and the image that is invoked is very attractive.  The story shows a nice slow growing romance and it shows how Alice cares for Nightmare and hates how everyone fears him.  It is a powerful story in my opinion as Alice tries to change Nightmare some to keep him from being feared.  The out some and the story are sweet and I look forward to the next book in the series despite the fact that the drawings at times are odd and almost childlike at moments – not to say I could draw half as well because I can’t but Job is not one of my favored illustrators but it’s not at a point where I don’t want to read more of the story which is quite good.


I would give this book another 4 out of 5 pages and say this is a worthy read even though it does not present any of the plot that is found in the Circus of Liars story arch.  This book has a bit of the joker and has the seasons but aside from that the country serves as a back drop as I said in a previous review.

Book Reivew – Alice in the Country of Hearts The Mad Hatter’s Late Night Tea Party

Title: Alice in the Country of Hearts The Mad Hatter’s Late Night Tea Party

Authors: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Riko Sakura

Format: Paperback

Published:  2013


This is my second Country of Hearts Book where it focuses on a person that Alice picks and I’m not so sure I am liking the Country of Hearts stories.  This story focuses more Alice and the Mad Hatter aka Blood Dupre.  I have always had a sort of fascination with Blood, I kind of enjoy how he can be crass at times and I think he’s attractively drawn and there is just something about a particularly bad boy that I can’t help but enjoy in my fiction.  Not that I’m all about the bad boy’s mind you but really what isn’t to love about a handsome mafia boss?


Any way the story was more exposition about how Alice got to know Blood staring with hate and avoidance to the point of living at his mansion and working there.  Any ‘romance’ came from Nightmare telling Alice how if she is in a dream she can do whatever she wants because after all it is a dream and anything can happen in a dream.  To spoil the rest of the story Alice and Blood end up sleeping together to Alice discovering Blood spending time with the Queen of Hearts and thinking that she is nothing but a good time and nothing special to Blood when in truth she is more to him.  Of course I know what the relationship between the Queen of Hearts and Vivaldi is but I won’t reveal it, but there is a reason why he is sneaking around with her to say the least.


Any way I give this book a 3 out of 5 pages as I did not enjoy the story at all and it was a little more crass than I would have liked it to be.  Of course I notice now as I finish this review that this is the first in a series and I’m more okay with things not being explained and the relationship between Alice and Blood being strained as this story carries on to more books which I might read to see if they can redeem this story any but my rating still stands.

Book Review – Alice in the Country of Joker Circus and Liar’s Game

Title: Alice in the Country of Joker Circus and Liar’s Game

Authors: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Format: Paperback

Published:  2012

Alice in the Country of Joke has been out and around for few years and I was always hesitant to pick anything from that country up because I wanted to finish the Country of Hearts story but eventually I figured out that the stories don’t entirely flow one right after the other and the Country of Hearts story didn’t seem to progress any just a bunch of smaller stories where Alice ends up picking one person or another in the country of Clover.  Though that repertoire has expanded to some of these stories being in the Country of Hearts and at least one in the Country of Joker.  For the love stories where Alice picks a person the country serves for little more than a back drop so to speak.  This book however is not about Alice picking a person it is more plot heavy and is about Alice being in Wonderland and how she shall remain there.


The idea of the Country of Joker is that there are seasons, something that is not there in the other stories and each land has a season and the main season is April season the season of lies ruled by the bothersome Joker.  In this story it is revealed that Alice had forgotten some things such as the fact that people who had been missing in the Country of Clover are returned she thinks they have always been there and doesn’t question how the Clock Tower and the Tower of Clover now the same place.  Everyone is concerned by this on some level and wants her to remember things because it could be bad if she doesn’t.  Additionally there is pressure for Alice to pick a land to spend all of her time in because once the seasons settle; she’ll be locked in at that place unless she gets express permission from the joker to move between lands.  It is clear that there is evil intents for Alice from the Joker and his circus but nothing more is revealed and it has left me very curious for what will happen next and where Alice will choose to live.  The love and romance aspect of the story still lives only it is toned down as Alice hasn’t picked a person that she wants to be with.


Over all I would give this story another 4 out of 5 pages and an excellent story.  I would advise this story if you want less romance and more intrigue as this is what this is.  If you expect nothing but the romance you may be disappointed but don’t shun the book because of it, the story holds very well and is something I would recommend reading.  Particularly for the ever hilarious bonus panels of  “If Alice was small” it was quite cute!

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