Book Review – Heart by Blair Butler & Kevin Mellon

Title:  Heart

Author:  Blair Butler & Kevin Mellon

Format: Paperback

Written: 2012


It seems that almost every time I have a new comic to present to the blog that I have read it has come at the recommendation of someone or is associated with a pre-existing love such as Robin or Invincible which both were recommended to me.  Any way it should come as no surprise that Heart came to me by the hands of my comic loving co-worker who got me hooked on Invincible.  Only this time it wasn’t Invincible, it wasn’t even a super hero comic.


When my coworker dropped the book on my desk he said, I thought this was good you might like it but it is very different from the norm as it didn’t have any super heroes.  Being the adventurous sort I decided to dive in because 1 it came from my co-worker who tends to be on the money when it comes to book recommendations and 2 it was an Image comic and I am quickly learning that if it is a comic by Image it is going to be something rather good and solid.


This was the case with Heart, it was a good story done in a basic black and while style it was clean and sharp and it told the story of MMA fighter who took on the title of “Rooster”.   The story starts with a fight in the middle of his career and shows him barely scrape by with a win before going back to show how he got into MMA fighting and covering the span of his career, showing the heart and commitment it takes to do something like it.


I’m not a person who is into fighting of any sort really, I just don’t get into boxing or fighting but it was still an interesting and solid story because to me there was more to the story than just fighting it was about the journey and the emotions that came with it, and I appreciated the read for that alone.  If you are curious about fighting or the world of MMA I think this book is a good read for you if you aren’t maybe not so much.  It was a well done story but not entirely my cup of tea but I can still say in the end I liked the story and I particularly found the ending to be fairly poignant the final image is rather striking to me and speaks volumes.


Overall, I would give this comic a 3 out of 5 page review because I wouldn’t go running about recommending this comic to people but it was still a solid good story and if you are looking for something solid and good to read then this might be for you or if you are into the subject matter than I would very much recommend this to be read.

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