Writer Wednesday – Overview

So, here’s the thing.  When I pick up a book, I like the thought that I’m in somebody else’s mind, in their worlds.  I always like knowing a little bit about the people that have poured their heart and soul and tears into the books that I’m reading.

I don’t know about you, but nothing annoys me more than a biography that says “Author is a writer, who has penned these things…”  That’s not a bio to me, that’s a bibliography written in paragraph form.  To combat that, and to give the rest of you a chance to know some of the writers that we know and love so well, we’ll be unleashing a segment called Writer Wednesday, where we interview writers and find out a little more about them and their writing.

If you’re a writer who would like to be featured here, please let me know.

If you’d like to suggest a writer, I guess you can do that, too, but be aware that not all writers are up to interviews all the time. I may not be able to get an interview with somebody just because you’ve suggested them.

In the meantime, happy reading…

Welcome To Book In The Bag

Over the coming weeks we are preparing to launch our new website. We hope to bring you a range of great reviews of the books that we have been reading in cafes, on trains, and generally any place that we can slip out the books that travel in our bags.

In the interim, feel free to post some book suggestions in the comments. Something that you always meant to read, but never got around to? An obscure little book you loved and suspect we might too? A not so obscure book that you want our opinion on?

Just please, if you care about us, don’t ask us to read a certain book for bored housewives that has been doing the rounds lately. We might not always stick to decency, but that one taught us all that we still have some taste.

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