Book Review – Hero

Title: Hero

Author: Alethea Kontis

Format: Hardback

Year Published: 2013

Hero is the sequel/companion to Enchanted, which I reviewed last week. Hero follows Saturday Woodcutter, the only “ordinary” member of the Woodcutter family, and well-aware of it. Only then she creates an ocean in the backyard.

Saturday is then off on an adventure, from her sister’s Pirate ship to being kidnapped by a witch and taken to the Top of the World. Once there, she meets Peregrine – the Earl of Starburn, who had run afoul of the witch’s daughter and cursed to take her place. Together, they must defeat the witch and save the world (and in the process, fall in love).

Hero is a solid book that does not fall prey to the problems of Enchanted. The story scales back the number of fairy-tales-though there are still all there-to focus on the core stories, which makes the book much easier to follow. There are also no “what just happened?” moments, such as occurred in the previous novel.

I enjoyed Saturday a lot – she’s this universe’s crotchety character that I love. She is much more proactive than her sister, as well, determined to find her own way, and determined to do it on her own terms. Peregrine is a bit more weak – he’s a very passive character for the most part, willing to allow others to impose their will on him. In some cases, this fits in with how he grew up, but in others, it’s frustrating – he has the opportunity to leave, but chooses not to? WHY? (Also, it never once occurs to him that a lot of time has passed? Really? When that was the first thing I thought of?) Betwixt, the chimera that has befriended Peregrine, was awesome.

A solid story, with good action sequences and characters. 4/5 stars

Book Review – Fruits Basket vol 2 by Natsuki Takaya

Title: Fruits Basket vol 2

Author/Illustrator: Natsuki Takaya

Format: Paperback

Published: 2004


As I have delved into the story of Fruits Basket it has been an absolute delight.  When I’m not reading the books I struggle to find the gumption to pick up the next book and yet while I’m in the book reading it I’m filled with warm fuzzies.  It is like wrapping a blanket around you while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.  I enjoy the books they are cute and amuzing and help me to relive the joy I had when first watching the anime.  Usually I’m a stickler for book then movie but that opportunity wasn’t available to me in a lot of ways so I’m doing it in reverse and I know the books are different than the anime and things will happen differently at some point but thus far practically everything between the book and the anime is almost identical.


I look forward to seeing what else may come from the books as I read through and pick up the next book in the series that is actually sitting on my desk with a figurative label on it that shouts out ‘Read me!’ as do the other two books that are currently sitting in my bag.  Of course there will be a bit time between this review and the review for the next book as I have other books that I have read recently that deserve some attention.  But over all the book was good it tells a great story of how Yuki and Kyo are becoming close to Tohru and how she sees them for wonderful people that they fail to see themselves as.  Additionally more of the Sohma members who are cursed with the Zodiac are introduced such as Kagura Momiji and Hotari.  All of them unique and rather entertaining.  Truth be told I do look forward to meeting other characters that I have met before in the anime and the other members of the zodiac that did not make it into the Anime. Overall, I would rate the book as a 4 out 5 pages.

Book Review – Enchanted

Book Review – Alice in the Country of Hearts – My Fantastic Rabbit vol 2

Title: Alice in the Country of Hearts – My Fantastic Rabbit vol. 2

Author: QuinRose

Illustrator: Delico Psyche

Format: Paperback

Published: 2013


So the Alice obsession continues and it is official between this book and the other books I have read some of them already reviewed others I have not reviewed yet, my favorite pairing from the series has changed.  Boris was my favorite with Alice but that has dwindled as I read through the Cheshire Cat Waltz.  As I’ve stated with other books with Eliot he has grown to become a very strong favorite.  This book as sealed things for me and Alice and Eliot is my favorite couple from the series.  While Eliot is rough on the edges and a hit man and number two in the mafia he has a sweet side that is adorable.


This book had me from the start as we learn more about Eliot that I had never known such as how he had purposefully broken a clock of his best friend so they couldn’t be replaced. The story goes on and Alice determines to go home so as not to hurt Eliot as she thought she had and she felt bad for leaving her sister.  What happens as she follows this path is both shocking and had me on the edge of my seat and almost ready to cry.  I will not state what happened because that is way too big of a reveal to spoil in any way, but it made the book a must read for me.  It was very well done and had the perfect ending.


I really feel that this book is a 5 out of 5 pages that was how much I enjoyed the story, and I encourage you that once you have a feel for the world which you might have from reading a number of my reviews you can delve into My Fantastic Rabbit volume 1 and follow it up with this volume which was absolutely superb.

Book Review – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Writer Wednesday – Bibi Rizer

1. Who are you? (A name would be good here…preferably the one you write under)
Bibi Rizer

2. What type of stuff do you write? (Besides shopping lists)
I write steamy to erotic romance, mostly in the New Adult category and in several genres.

3. What do you want to pimp right now? (May it be your newest, your work-in-progress, your favorite or even your first)
The first book in my Vikings of Vinland series. This historical New Adult series surrounds the adventures of twin sisters Gull and Katla Grimsdottir who, after being cruelly separated, face challenges and come of age in Viking era Europe and North America. The first book is called The Shieldmaiden’s Revenge.

4. What is your favorite book? (Okay, or two or three or… I know how writers are as readers.)
Literature – Cat’s eye by Margaret Atwood and The World According to Garp by John Irving.
Fun – Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings.
Smut – I love Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, Delphine Dryden’s  The Science of Temptation series.

5. What other hats do you wear besides the writer hat?
I’m a cover designer and a busy mom

6. What link can we find you at? (One or two please; don’t go overboard here!)


On Writing…

I know it’s fashionable to be very supportive in our field, especially of beginners, but I’ve got to say, I’ve been asked for advice from a few people who seem to have no aptitude for writing whatsoever. I try to be nice but I’m often left wondering what on earth made this person think they should be a writer? They claim to be “passionate” about it (but often lack enough passion to do even very cursory research into the field) but where on earth does this passion come from? It would be as though I suddenly developed a passion for ballet dancing or playing Aussie Rules Football. I do think that writing can be learned (as can ballet and football) but surely that learning should build on some innate talent that it already there? I mean, this is why I took up writing.

People often ask me “why do you write?” They formulate this question in many of different ways, and I think there is a lot of dewy eyed fascination about writers and their “passion”. The truth is, many of the most successful writers will happily tell you they write because it’s the only thing know how to do, because it’s the best way for them to earn money and because they’re good at it. Why do I write? Because I’m good at it. I won the first short story contest I ever entered. I sold my very first screenplay for six figures. I got a two book deal on my first YA book.

I’ve tried a lot of other things I’m “passionate” about. I love psychology and helping people and I tried to be a counselor but I suck at it. I’m into business, computer programs all that office management stuff like Powerpoint and Excel but I suck at office work – I’m far too anti-social and disorganized. I love fashion but I can’t follow a pattern. I love love LOVE performing music, but I’m really not that great a singer.

But I’m a good writer, and late in life I’ve discovered that I don’t suck at book cover design. Who knew?

So my advice, not just to newbie writers but to everyone, is this: find something you’re good at, and be passionate at that.

Book Review – Carved in Bone

Title: Carved in Bone

Author: Jefferson Bass (Jon Jefferson and Bill Bass)

Format: Hardback


Where do I begin…Carved in Bones is the first of seven books. Amazing books based on the Body Farm in Knoxville TN. Spending the last 11 years in Nashville TN I have heard repeated stories about the body farm. I was curious about it and even drove by where the farm is. Unfortunately you can’t get close enough to see but on a interesting day when the wind is right you can smell it. Its not a bad smell just unusual.

Carved in Bone is not what I expected.. I picked up the first one out of curiosity. I was expecting a bit of a dry read more medical terminology than story. I was so very wrong. I was drawn in by life like characters. They were appealing and you grow to care about them. The writing was well done and I didn’t have any trouble with being yanked out of the narrative like some books.

The story is wonderfully written and entertaining. I can not recommend this book series enough. That’s right I am recommending all seven books. I have read quite a few series and usually after the first few the story can get a little stagnant and I can lose interest, but I have read them all and am sad that there isn’t any more planned to my knowledge. If Jefferson Bass happen to drop by and read this review. I will happily make you cookies for life if you write another seven or more books.

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.

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