Book Review — Suvarov by Fritz Damler

Title: Suvarov

Author: Fritz Damler

Format: Kindle

Published: 2010

This book is a maritime adventure/mystery. I grabbed it because I was looking for something different than my usual book choices. This will be a short review, as it would be hard to say much without giving spoilers, and I don’t want to give anything away.  Chris and Arly have decided to give up wandering the oceans for the time being. They are putting their vessel up at a museum run by Chris’ brother when they are visited by the parents of an old friend. They inform Chris that their daughter had died years ago, not long after Chris last saw her and her boyfriend on and island in the South Pacific.

The parents want closure. Their daughter supposedly fell overboard and disappeared.  They had heard from the heartsick boyfriend a few times afterward, and then contact from him stopped. They offer Chris a good sum of money to investigate, and they want to go with him. Chris has no investigative background, but he has sailed the South Pacific extensively. He has contacts and knows the islands well. What follows is an intriguing adventure around the globe.  As I said, this review will be short, as I don’t want to spoil what is an interesting read that actually was hard to put down.  I give this 4/5 pages as I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was for what was, at the time, a free book for Kindle.  A good weekend beach, or hotel balcony read. Would be perfect for this long holiday weekend. Have  a safe holiday, everyone!

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