Please note. If your comment, question or concern is regarding a specific post, please respond to that post directly.  If you have a more general comment, feel free to make it here.  If you think your comment has been eaten by spam, don’t worry.  Chances are that we’ll find it.  If it’s been more than a couple of days and it hasn’t shown up, you may want to re-post.

A note about reviews.  For the most part, we pick our own books.  We’re a panel of very busy men and women all over the world and we have varying tastes and interests.  But if you think that you have a book that we just have to review, leave a comment here and don’t forget to include contact information.  As a general rule of thumb, our reviewers prefer print books to eBooks.  Please leave details about your book in the comment as well.

While we appreciate your books, it’s absolutely not necessary to waste your money sending us books by overnight/priority/sign here/whatever.  You’re mailing to a post office box, and we don’t check it daily.  (In fact, books have been sent back because they don’t hold priority packages nearly as long as regular ones!) Be assured that if you send a book, we will give it the attention that we can.  Not every book will get a review – some books we just can’t get into, that’s a sad fact about books – but we will try as hard as we can to get your review out there.  Also be aware that some of us have a delay in having reviews appear on the site.  Your review may have been written but just hasn’t shown up on the site yet.  It probably will eventually.  (Note, rarely, a book comes in that we just can’t get into.  Trust us, it’s better to not get a review than to get a low one because we didn’t read the whole thing.) Unless you have something specific pending (like a launch party or book tour) and have spoken to us about specific dates, your book will get reviewed when we get to it. 

The official Book in the Bag mailing address, for those of you who, for some reason, just need to mail something (hint, we like postcards) is:
PO Box 864
Mt. Juliet, TN 37121

Please be aware that some reviewers may ask that you send a book to a different address, so please, if a specific reviewer has agreed to your book, verify with them before you ship – the box doesn’t reach all of us.  ALSO:  It is helpful to include some sort of note if possible, especially if you have a specific reviewer or a date (think blog tour) for the review.


NOTE:  this is a post office box.  For those of you who feel the need to drop ship from Amazon, MAKE SURE that you can send to a box with your shipping method.  Books have been returned in the past because UPS can’t deliver to the post office!
Also, I thought this went without saying, but apparently not. If you don’t leave us contact info, we can’t message you if we’re interested. We get lots of book offers, and we just don’t have the time to hunt you down. Please give us a way to reach you!


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  1. Anita Elam
    Aug 08, 2017 @ 19:11:55

    Hi there! My name is Anita Elam and I leaving a reply to request a book review of my self-published (Amazon) book “The Bugle Called You Home” a NON-fiction short book (64 pages) about the passing of my father from colon cancer when I was 17 and how I emotionally dealt with that (both then and now). I also contains embedded poetry by me (which is mainly what I write)


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