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  1. Asha
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 11:14:00

    Hello Book in the Bag,
    It seemed only fair to consider you as rightly deserving of this wonderful award for your truest contributions. You can check it here. Congratulations.


  2. JD Wallace
    Sep 28, 2015 @ 19:09:40

    Are you guys back from hiatus? I have a publisher release date of October 19th, 2015.


  3. Tommy Hancock
    Apr 07, 2016 @ 12:57:04

    Sorry, just saw this! yes, would be interested, please send a mobi to


  4. Tommy Hancock
    Apr 07, 2016 @ 12:57:58

    Sorry, just saw this! would love to review it, but depending on length, it may be awhile. Please send a digital copy to


  5. Mandi M. Lynch, author
    Jul 04, 2016 @ 00:36:21

    Sounds interesting! Feel free to send a print copy to the PO Box.


  6. Phyllis Lawson
    Aug 01, 2016 @ 20:22:12

    I would love for you to review my memoir Quilt of Souls. I have included information that may be useful in your decision. Please see the amazing cache of average 140 plus 5 Star Reviews on Amazon. I have included the link below:

    Quilt of Souls is a memoir that represents the author’s childhood, her loving grandmother, and an old, tattered quilt that tells the untold stories that have long since been hushed. A quilt sewn with the used clothing of her grandmother’s loved ones. Each piece of fabric woven into the quilt tells stories of how that person lived and died. Tragic stories of pain and suffering threaded back together with each healing stitch of perseverance and courage. Grandma Lula Horn (1883-1986) was like many other grandmothers of her era, a pioneer, and a symbol of hope who found alternative ways to soften the horrors of racism and bigotry.

    As little Phyllis listened to these stories that were passed from her Grandmother, she realized later in her adult life, the absence of Lula Horn’s lineage. A lineage that was shattered after four of her Grandmother’s siblings was sold into slavery a few years before the Emancipation Proclamation. Additionally, her Grandmother’s parents and one older sibling all succumbed from a tragic act of violence that occurred one fateful night. Lula Horn was left with no known family members.

    Ms. Lawson made a commitment to share her Grandmother’s story of the Quilt of Souls, and to locate/trace her Grandmother’s lineage. This could only be accomplished through obtaining DNA from herself and her mother.

    A compelling and poignant true story of the brick walls, roadblocks, and the persistence it took to finally connect with lost family members and begin a road to revealing much more about the lost lineage of Lula Horn.

    I can make my book available to you in PDF format or an electronic copy book ready copy.

    Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.




  7. Carl Schmidt
    Aug 13, 2016 @ 22:52:36


    I’d greatly appreciate it if you would consider reading and reviewing Dead Down East, the first of three novels in a mystery/humor series. If you will have a quick “look inside” at: Amazon Listing, Dead Down East, and read the short prologue, in a couple of minutes you will have a good idea of the humorous, tongue-in-cheek quality of the novel. But don’t let that fool you. The plot is carefully crafted and well executed. It’s a genuine page-turner.

    Dead Down East is 90,000 words long and was released in paperback on June 26, 2016.

    Here are a few links.
    My Website:
    My Facebook Page:

    A Blurb has been provided at the bottom of this message.

    If you decide that you’d like to read the book, I’ll be happy to provide you with an eBook (.mobi, .pdf, or .doc file). I have no specific requirement for a review date.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kind regards,

    Carl Schmidt


    Dead Down East, a fictional murder mystery, is both detective noir and smart screwball comedy rolled into one. Jesse Thorpe, a young private investigator operating out of Augusta, Maine, receives a mysterious phone call from a former client, Cynthia Dumais. She begs to be rescued from an island south of Brunswick, within a mile of where William Lavoilette, the governor or Maine, was assassinated the night before. She insists that her life is in danger, but is unwilling to provide any further information. Reluctantly, Jesse goes to fetch her.

    Within a week, Jesse has three separate clients, each with his, or her, own desperate need to have the murder solved. He assembles a motley team of compadres, including rock band members, a tie-dye psychic and his rousing girlfriend, Angele Boucher, to help him with the case. While the FBI and the Maine State Police investigate political motives, Jesse looks for the woman—Cherchez la Femme—as the trail draws him through the lives, and DNA, of the governor’s former mistresses.

    Fresh, witty and loaded with eccentric characters, this first novel in the Jesse Thorpe Mystery Series is both clever and stylish. It’s an old-school private eye tale with inventive twists and local charm. If you enjoy a well-crafted and zesty narrative, lively banter, or take pleasure in the company of Mainers, you’ll love Dead Down East.


  8. Marie Schaeller
    Aug 15, 2016 @ 19:46:41

    ***Review Request for Non-Fiction Book***

    Title: Breaking the Chains of Silence: One Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor’s Journey into Adulthood and the Statute of Limitations that Protects Predators.
    Ebook and Paperback copies available for review.

    Breaking the Chains of Silence follows the story of Marie as she struggles to cope with the aftermath of what happened to her.

    At the age of three, she suffered sexual abuse while in day care. However, the perpetrator was never charged. Since then, she has fought a decades-long battle to heal and uncover the truth. Marie is presently arguing against the statute of limitations which has protected the perpetrator, in hopes of uncovering predators and having them listed to protect others and make sure they can’t get a job around children.

    Thank you!


  9. Thomai Dion
    Aug 19, 2016 @ 04:04:21


    I found your website while reading through GoodReads and it noted you are possibly open to reviewing non-fiction science books (which is thrilling to discover!). I am a pharmacist by trade, science enthusiast, and mom to an energetic and inquisitive analytical thinker. Given my background and drive to teach my little one, I have created the “Think-A-Lot-Tots” collection of educational science books for babies, toddlers, and kids (pre-K & elementary school).

    These books strive to introduce seemingly advanced scientific concepts to young readers while also building upon their vocabulary. I currently have 2 picture books geared towards biology available as well as 1 notebook that guides the reader through the scientific method. If you have time and are interested, would you be willing to review one of my “Think-A-Lot-Tot” books? All 3 can be found on my Amazon author page below. I am open to having whichever one you find most interesting reviewed and would be happy to send you a PDF copy of your choice:

    Many thanks for your time and consideration!




  10. J.A.
    Aug 31, 2016 @ 08:52:00

    Review request:
    When The Jaguar Sleeps

    I would like you to consider my book for a review.
    A plane crash in the Amazon jungle…
    A desperate struggle for survival …
    An unexpected discovery…

    ‘This is a gripping read. The plot is unpredictable, tense and kept me on the edge of my seat.’
    ‘An excellent adventure story with a great plot that pulls the reader into the story. The writer makes us feel like we are with the characters in the Amazon on their adventure.’

    Ecuador. What was supposed to be a dream holiday turned into a nightmare for a group of foreign tourists when their plane crashed in the Amazon rain forest. Having waited in vain for a couple of days for help to arrive, the survivors of the crash decided to set off on a daring journey determined to get out of the jungle alive. But while pushing on, unaware, they entered a territory inhabited by isolated Indian tribes hostile to outsiders. A territory where probably the fabulous treasures destined for the last Inca emperor Atahualpa’s ransom, had been hidden. As it soon turned out their nightmare was just beginning. Will they ever get out of the jungle alive?


  11. Dan Alatorre
    Sep 06, 2016 @ 23:40:40


    I saw your site on The Book Review Directory and wondered if you’d like to peruse my book Savvy Stories: Funny Things I Learned From My Daughter. (Humor, nonfiction.)

    Savvy Stories is a collection of funny vignettes occurring between a new dad and his daughter (but done in an intelligent, humorous way) as he learns just how amazing his daughter and all children are.

    I’d be happy to provide you a copy in a format of your preference. Let me know.

    Here’s the Amazon link if you want to check it out.

    And my author page on Ammy

    Dan Alatorre


  12. Dan Martin
    Sep 07, 2016 @ 11:43:40

    Hi Book in the Bag Reviewers!

    My name is Dan Martin, and I’m the author of the upcoming memoir Operation Cure Boredom, a hilarious look at an unexpected life in the military. The book is being released on October 18th, 2016, and is being published through Rascal Press, which is my own little imprint.

    I wanted to reach out and explore how to get my book into your hands for a possible review. I’ve included a short description of my memoir below for your perusal, and if you’re interested, I’d love to send a paperback copy to you (or a PDF, mobi, epub, or ibooks code, if you prefer).

    Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon!



    A life in the military… as you’ve never read before.

    At nineteen, filled with wanderlust and hormones, Dan Martin made the hilariously amazing decision to join the military to travel and meet girls. Three months later, with Desert Storm in full swing, he found himself surrounded by dudes with not much to do. What unfolded was a long, protracted series of adventures into the art of curing boredom. Told in a collection of vignettes, Operation Cure Boredom is a coming of age story in camouflage. From dodging alligators, to surfing the inside of a plane at 30,000 feet, to being taken hostage by a Frenchwoman, and sex education in church, this absurdist portrait of life in the military is both an iconic look at listlessness in wartime, and the whirlwind journey of a young man getting the adventure he didn’t know he needed.


  13. costrike
    Sep 08, 2016 @ 10:03:38

    I have a new anthology on inequality that I’d like to offer to your reviewers. The book offers the perspectives of a diverse group of contributors, including: academics, activists, artists, business and NGO leaders, economists, and journalists. There’s a bit more high-level detail with a listing of chapters and contributors here: If you’re up for reviewing it, please send me an email: chris (at) wickedproblemscollaborative (dot) com


  14. Clyde Dee
    Sep 09, 2016 @ 13:04:30








  15. Ann Curtin
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 02:25:17

    Hello –

    Please consider reviewing my novel, Dreamcatcher. It was published in September 2015 by Zumaya Publications.

    Dreamcatcher was included in the Kirkus Best Books of 2015 magazine. Kirkus called it “A complex novel for thoughtful young readers … The novel’s rising action deftly balances real human drama with spooky supernatural events… The ending offers satisfying but hard truths, particularly concerning the permanence of loss,”

    Publishers Weekly said “The supernatural elements enhance the emotional second half of a hopeful tale that should leave readers looking forward to Curtin’s next book.”

    Dreamcatcher won Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Book Festival.

    A brief blurb:
    Jesse Alvarez is tired of being the new kid every time his dad takes a job on another ranch. It doesn’t help that Cade Savage, the boss’s son, is a bully who has everything Jesse wants—money, a permanent home, horses, and most of all, a mother who lives with his family. Then Jesse meets Aaron Little Elk, who lives on the Wind River Reservation, steals scraps of yarn from the art room to make dreamcatchers, and never stops talking about his older brother Reuben. Despite that, they become friends, and when Aaron stops coming to school, Jesse worries—and learns of a secret Aaron has been harboring. As he tries to find out what’s happened to his friend, Jesse must unravel the mystery of Aaron’s dreamcatchers and their connection to the wild paint mustang only Aaron can handle. Part contemporary Western, part ghost story, Dreamcatcher is ultimately a novel about friendship, the pain of letting go, and the importance of holding on to what remains behind

    Many thanks!


  16. Paddy Eger
    Oct 13, 2016 @ 14:09:32

    I’m requesting a review of Letters to Follow-A Dancer’s Adventure, the third book in my YA ballet-themed trilogy. It’s the story of Lynne Meadows, a second-year professional ballet dancer who’s on the edge of losing her position in the MT. ballet company unless she pulls herself together. Rescue comes when she joins a dance troupe in France and experiences a change in attitude.

    Lynne’s story completes the peek into the lives of Lynne and Marta, who become best friends when they meet and bond at the ballet company. These are clean fiction books set in the late 1950s. For additional information, check out reviews on my website: Thanks!

    I await your decision and am hoping for a review before February, 2017.


  17. Lisa A. Baeringer
    Oct 25, 2016 @ 22:58:16

    Hello Book In The Bag reviewers. I love your site, it’s quirky with a light humor that fits my style.

    **Requesting a Review**

    Genre: Memoir/Non-fiction

    “Bet You Didn’t Think MS Could Look This Good”
    Publisher: Cedar Loft Publishing

    Imagine going blind in one eye without any forewarning. Imagine a pain so intense it leaves you immobile. Imagine losing so much weight that you end up hospitalized. Now, imagine that you can’t find any doctors nor specialists who can figure out what’s wreaking havoc on your body. I don’t have to imagine because that person IS me.

    Follow the raw, emotional, and sarcastically humored journey of a woman living with a chronic and incurable disease. “Bet You Didn’t Think MS Could Look This Good” isn’t your typical book and definitely not a self-help book. Deeply personal journey entries were collected and combined to be published for the world to see. (Yes, it’s terrifying and exciting at the same time.)

    Book can be made available in either ebook or printed format.


  18. Lisa A. Baeringer
    Nov 02, 2016 @ 02:36:36


    I wanted to ask all of you fine people to review my debut memoir, Bet You Didn’t Think MS Could Look This Good. In just three weeks of its debut it has already generated a buzz on Amazon, Goodreads, and numerous Multiple Sclerosis groups.

    I believe this book will give you an up close and personal sneak peek into the world of a woman living with a chronic incurable illness. It’ll open your eyes to the daily battles and the havoc MS creates not just physically, but also emotionally and financially. In keeping it as brutally honest as possible it’s retained in its original diary format. Bet You Didn’t Think MS Could Look This Good is raw and emotional but its sarcastic humor is what gives this book its unusual levity.

    I would be more than happy to provide a free book in exchange for an honest review. I thank you for your time and considerations.


  19. Stephen Colson
    Nov 14, 2016 @ 14:55:19

    Dear Book in the bag

    My name is Steve Colson and together with my sister Cynthia I have written a book – Memoirs of a Lab Rat. I am wondering if anyone at Book in the Bag is interested in reviewing it for us.

    Below are details of the book:

    Memoirs of a Lab Rat and is 28, 600 words long. It is published by an independent publisher – Neptune Books.


    Stephen Colson, a sculptor living in Hackney, sees the world very differently from his sister Cynthia, a prison chaplain living in Brussels, but when his sister has to flee to London for her life, they put their differences to one side when they discover they are being used as guinea pigs in secret weapons experiments. The weapons developers try to kill them when the siblings decide to go public about their discoveries.

    In action-packed, and ultimately uplifting, true-life tale Memoirs of a Lab Rat, Stephen and Cynthia give an astonishing account of how they manage to stop bickering and keep one step ahead of the attempts on their lives.


    Cynthia is living in Brussels, Belgium, where she works as a secular chaplain in a men’s prison. She discovers that she has clairvoyant abilities. The imam working at the prison tries to have her killed. She flees to London to stay with her brother Steve. The imam follows her over to London and stalks her for several months.

    Brother and sister soon discover they are being used as lab rats in top secret mind-control weapons experiments. After they make this discovery, the weapons experimenters try to kill them to stop them going public about what they know. The siblings look for help everywhere they can think of – to no avail. They relate various attempts on their lives and how they manage to outwit those trying to kill them.

    Across six chapters the brother and sister relate their experiences and discoveries: beginning with Cynthia – chapters one, two and four; Steve chapters three and five. The final chapter is a brief layman’s guide to mind-control technology and how you can tell if it is in use against you and your loved ones, based on seven years of personal experience.

    The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon. If anyone wants to read and review it please email Steve at and I will happily arrange to get a copy to you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Steve Colson


  20. Joe Baur (@BaurJoe)
    Nov 28, 2016 @ 13:15:37

    Good morning Book in the Bag team,

    My name is Joe Baur, author of a recently released travelogue on living in Costa Rica and traveling around Central America. The book is aimed toward Bill Bryson-style fans of travel literature that blends narrative with history, observation and humor.

    You can read more here:

    Upon request, I’d be happy to share a PDF, .mobi or .epub for review. (The book is also now available at Amazon.)

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.



  21. EXO Books (@EXO_Books)
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 20:30:37


    My name is EXO Books–my pen name, at least. It’s also the name of the publishing company my wife and I created to put out my science fiction. We live in NYC, USA, Earth.

    I would love to offer you a copy of our debut, The Last Day of Captain Lincoln, for a potential review. We believe we have something different and worthwhile and would certainly love to share it with you. Please know that this is “soft” sci-fi, far more interested in people and relationships rather than technology, and that our little book is about love most of all.

    Please let me know what you think.
    Best wishes,
    EXO Books

    Here’s the book’s blurb:
    Captain Lincoln’s last day is the hardest day of his life.

    An old, onetime Captain of the interstellar spaceship USNAS Hope Eternal, Lincoln always knew that this day would come. For just as birthdays are carefully planned, so are deaths. And although he must reckon with his fate, this is not a somber story. It is a tale of love and sacrifice, told in the context of the most advanced civilization ever to exist—a society that has taken to the stars in an effort to save all that is best in humanity.

    Follow Lincoln through his internal struggles, his joy in having lived, and his journey to peace.

    The End is just the beginning.


  22. Ophir Mottes
    Dec 22, 2016 @ 08:44:03


    I have recently written a short book and would be extremely happy if you would consider reviewing it.

    Title: Innocent Thoughts

    Author: Ophir Mottes

    Word count: ~29,700 (about 90 pages)

    Genre: Non-fiction, popular science, philosophy

    Format: Digital, Kindle edition.

    Sold by: Amazon


    Book summary:

    Innocent Thoughts tackles concepts that are often taken for granted, but when looked at directly have complex intricacies within them. The explored concepts cover a wide array of subjects from economics and sociology to physics and biology. The book tries to present the hidden intricacies by asking the questions we usually do not ask and then presenting some ideas about possible answers.

    If you think you may be interested, let me know ( ), and I can send you a copy via email. If this is the case, you are also welcome to specify a preferred format (PDF, html, Mobi, e-pub, and I can check for any others).

    Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.


    Ophir Mottes


  23. JP Cawood
    Dec 23, 2016 @ 21:02:27

    Would any of you be interested in reviewing my newly launched YA science fiction fantasy, Sam & The Secrets of the Universe?

    Welcome to Monad, the first circuit planet of Havona. You are here to learn the most powerful secrets of the universe. If you succeed, you will progress through the seven circuit planets, where more secrets await. However far you get will determine your place and purpose in the universe. Should you fail the lessons of this first planet, you will be Reset with no memories of this place or your last life.

    When fifteen-year-old Sam dies on Earth, he will do anything to keep his memories intact. Whether he likes it or not, the secrets he learns on Monad are essential to surviving this cosmic adventure. When he is sucked into a black hole, he must face his anti-self in order to save all of existence. In his desperate quest to maintain his identity, he learns who he really is.

    It’s the first book in a proposed 3 book series; available in paperback and eBook.

    Thanks for your time and consideration~


  24. Rich Marcello
    Jan 08, 2017 @ 12:36:31

    Hi Bookinthebag,

    My name is Rich Marcello, and I’m a writer of literary fiction. My publisher, Langdon Street Press, just published my third novel, The Beauty of the Fall, on October 25th, 2016. The purpose of this note is to request a review. I’m happy to send you a physical copy of the book or an ebook. I’m also happy to do an interview.

    I’ve attached the Amazon link and others to this message. You can also read more about the book on my website.

    One of the subplots in the book is domestic violence. I spent the last year on the board of the Bridges Center for sexual and domestic violence, and one of the main characters in the novel, Willow, is professionally based on Dawn Reams who runs the Bridges Center. She helped me a great deal as I was shaping the novel, and in particular, she focused on the DV passages in the book to ensure they were authentic and unflinching. That’s why I am going to give Bridges 25K in profits from the book.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Rich Marcello


  25. thaddeusdowntownandbrowncom
    Jan 19, 2017 @ 01:40:33


    I’d love to request a review. Here’s the book information:

    Title: Bedtime for Buzzy
    Author: T.J. Hackworth
    Genre: Children’s Fiction
    Pages: 28
    Format: Hardcover
    Price: $14.95
    ISBN: 978-0-9977391-0-7

    A young boy is playing with his toys and doesn’t want to go to bed at bedtime. Oneby one his toys come to life in his imagination and convince him that going to sleep is the best way to continue his adventures.

    As parents of young children know all too well, convincing a child that it is time to go to bed can sometimes be difficult, to say the least. The lovable characters of Bedtime for Buzzy encourage bedtime through a fun and engaging story — one that is designed to help lead children to their own conclusion that it’s time to go to bed. Bedtime for Buzzy makes a perfect addition to the nightly storybook ritual that many parents share with their children.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  26. Mark Benjamin
    Jan 27, 2017 @ 11:45:42

    Dear Book In The Bag,

    My name is Mark Benjamin and I would highly appreciate it if you could grant me a review of my urban fantasy novel, A Change Of Heart.

    Book Information:
    Title: A Change Of Heart
    Author: Mark Benjamin
    Genre: Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Paranormal
    Pages (eBook): 479 Pages
    Format: eBook (also available in Paperback)
    Price (eBook): $5.99
    ASIN: B01ETQ40KQ
    ISBN: 9781311551900


    Bullied his entire life, orphaned university graduate, Gabriel Harper, is bitten by a Royal vampire moments before sunrise, transforming him over the course of six terrible and exhilarating nights into a hybrid—human by day, vampire by night.

    Just as he learns to come to grips with what he has become, the Silver Legion—a covert, vampire-hunting organisation—kidnap him and his three friends, forcing them to join their clandestine crusade; however, they remain unaware of Gabriel’s nature until it is too late.

    Each choice made sets in motion a turn of devastating events—from love-triangles and fratricide, lust and betrayal, broken dreams and the thirst for power, vengeance and the spilling of blood defines victory.

    A Change Of Heart is set primarily in the fictional City of Penance; interweaving the lives of Legionnaires, humans and vampires in the course of a year.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

    Thank you for your time and assistance. I hope you enjoy it!

    Warm Regards,

    Mark Benjamin



  27. revon50
    Feb 03, 2017 @ 12:27:28

    Review request:
    The Travel Mate, a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat international suspense thriller.

    I would like you to consider my book for a review.

    A young British woman goes missing while trekking in the Caucasus Mountains.
    Her prolonged silence and the lack of news about her whereabouts plunge her family in London into emotional turmoil. Before long, her father and sister – unable to endure the waiting any longer – decide to take action.
    What follows is a frantic search, a wild journey through Georgia and the South West of France that soon turns into a desperate life-and-death struggle as they cross paths with a ruthless killer.


  28. Roger
    Feb 03, 2017 @ 14:32:36


    I’d love for you to review my young people’s adventure novel Hannah Grace and The Dragon Codex.

    11-year old Hannah Grace has never let having no idea how to do something, stop her from doing it. So when it gets dumped on her to save the Universe, she’s not even close to being ready.

    Adventure, danger and a sumo wrestling guinea pig await Hannah and her besties in this fun, magical adventure.

    It’s in the Nassau County, NY library system.




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