Book Review – Carved in Bone

Title: Carved in Bone

Author: Jefferson Bass (Jon Jefferson and Bill Bass)

Format: Hardback


Where do I begin…Carved in Bones is the first of seven books. Amazing books based on the Body Farm in Knoxville TN. Spending the last 11 years in Nashville TN I have heard repeated stories about the body farm. I was curious about it and even drove by where the farm is. Unfortunately you can’t get close enough to see but on a interesting day when the wind is right you can smell it. Its not a bad smell just unusual.

Carved in Bone is not what I expected.. I picked up the first one out of curiosity. I was expecting a bit of a dry read more medical terminology than story. I was so very wrong. I was drawn in by life like characters. They were appealing and you grow to care about them. The writing was well done and I didn’t have any trouble with being yanked out of the narrative like some books.

The story is wonderfully written and entertaining. I can not recommend this book series enough. That’s right I am recommending all seven books. I have read quite a few series and usually after the first few the story can get a little stagnant and I can lose interest, but I have read them all and am sad that there isn’t any more planned to my knowledge. If Jefferson Bass happen to drop by and read this review. I will happily make you cookies for life if you write another seven or more books.

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.

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  1. reviewdirector
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 15:12:31

    Nice review!


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